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Sport 250 2018 with 1750 miles for sale

Gary Sport 250 Barcelona

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Gary Sport 250 Barcelona

Due to brexit and impossibility of 12 month green cards, I have now to sell all my cars which are currently in Barcelona Spain, a westfield, a nomad and a defender.
One of these is a factory red Sport 250, which I bought direct from the factory with 200 miles on it.  Naturally it has the factory Ford Ecoboost 250 HP engine, and it was warrantied by the factory. 

It was registered in August 2018 and has had little use due to several factors, none of which have anything to do with the car.  I have had a loose cooling pipe and a loose indicator relay, both of which I fixed and other than that all has been well; it goes like a rocket. 

It has a momo quick release steering wheel, LED headlights and the following spec:
Upgrade to limited slip differential
Upgrade to wide track wishbones
Upgrade to track day shock absorbers
Upgrade to Westfield Race front and rear calliper –
Upgrade to 205 wide T1R tyres
Upgrade to 8” rear wheels
Upgrade to FW rear body
Upgrade to Sport Turbo seats
Upgrade to limited-slip differential
Carbon Effect FW stone guard kit>

Also a power point / USB port is fitted.  Plus clear indicators and a new grille, better for cooling and the "7"...

Full doors, half doors and half roof included, plus storage bag for roof.

I think it looks great with all the "7" type add ons, but they are all easily removable if not required.

As they all say, I am sorry to let it go, but its virtually brand new and someone will get use out of it now that I simply cannot.

New this car is around 39,000 pounds from the factory, assembled, mine has only 2000 miles and I am aiming for around 30,000 pounds.

It is currently in Barcelona, but I can bring it back for a serious buyer or it can be seen there, or videos sent.



My whatsapp is
email - stillwanted@gmail.com


sport 250 seats.jpg

sport 250 inside.jpg

sport 250 side hlaf doors.jpg

sport 250 from top.jpg

sport 250 engine.jpg

sport 250 6.jpg

sport 250 5.jpg

sport 250 4.jpg

sport 250 3.jpg


sport 250 1.jpg

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