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Sourcing Midget parts for a westfield XI


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I’ve been stalking this site for information about building my eleven for quite some time, and think it is time to seek advice. To make things harder for myself, instead of scrapping an old midget I am trying to individually source parts off the internet. I was wondering if anyone had any site ideas, or suggestions about going about finding new, or second hand parts needed for the build as I am beginning to struggle. My kit is (hopefully) arriving mid december so I am quite eager to prep the rest of my parts so any help at all would be really great. 

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paul kynaston

What part of the country are you in and what parts are you after? . I went a different way by buying a donor to get a V5 and matching engine number to avoid a Q plate I then sold parts that i didnt need to reduce the cost . I have used MOSS in bristol , MGHIVE ,  and Wrexhan MG centre who strip down MG's and sell new/reconditioned to refurbish the donor parts.

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There is a 1971, 1275cc midget for sale on ebay for £1975 or near offer with the v5 applied for.


The car is located in Sudbury, Suffolk.


Might be a reasonable way to start.


Just key in 1275 midget and you'll find it.

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If you buy the individual parts you will not be able to apply for an ager related plate, unless you can fins someone who can sell you a "spare" V5 from a Midget or Sprite which has been scrapped long ago without surrendering the V5.

I bought various parts from someone who breaks Sprites and Midgets. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but to be honest, the condition was fairly terrible once he knew I was having them reconditioned. Some parts were only fit for the scrap yard. 

There are parts which you can buy new from Moss (have a look at their website, but be aware that the quality of some of the things they sell isn't up to manufacturer's original equipment.

I did get some things from Peter May, but unfortunately he has now retired. However someone has taken over his business, but I can't remember his name. It would be worth Googling Peter May Engineering. Peter was The acknowledge guru when it came to competition Spridgets. He had been racing one and re-building, modifying and generally looking after Spridgets as long as I can remember. 

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From my experience a complete Midget is still best as the sum of parts you can sell afterwards might make you more money than what you paid for the car (certainly has in my case).  The ribbed gearbox (if you are converting to 5 speed) itself is worth over £250. 


Also it is important to get for example, the correct steering rack mounts and steering arms that complement the rack you are using.


Some parts are not available new any more (castings mostly), so second hand parts can cost an arm and a leg as they are not interchangeable.


Most of my second hand parts that didn't come from the donor have come from eBay, as the correct part usually turns up eventually if you have the patience to wait.


What spec of XI have you ordered? 


It would be nice to have some more company on the forum for my build log if you'd like to start writing one also...😀




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Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

I started out on my build six years ago.  My donor car was £740, and I came out £200 or so up having sold off spare parts including the (untidy, but sound) bodyshell.  Even back then, people were starting to worry about the rising cost of MG Midgets.


My advice to folk at the time was to buy a tidy Midget for (even) up to £4k, as long as it had good components and suitable wheels (as the current eBay Midget has) as a good bodyshell should be worth good money to a Midget restorer and the rib case gearbox was always sought after for historic motor sport upgrades.  As time has gone by, you can probably add £2k-£4k for a tidy donor vehicle which makes the recovery of all expenditure for surplus parts less likely.


Project cars, like the one on eBay are obviously getting dearer and, if parts are to be reconditioned, I reckon are still a good place to start.  My donor had a brand new radiator and all the other parts I needed for my Westfield were good enough to recondition.  The eBay car looks to be missing its radiator but the instruments are there and sortable.


Having a donor car does make the registration process easier, and attaining an age related plate hugely more likely.  As this would allow the progression to a three letter - three number number plate - which is one of the better finishing touches on an XI - it really ought still to be the ultimate donor goal.





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