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Right. Help me spend some money.

Steve (sdh2903)

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You’ll need to re-slice that and add some supports. If you are using Cura, try tree supports on that.


Once the printer is basically OK, 99% of the results come from getting the right slicer settings.


A good starting point are the Cura profiles from Chuck Hellebuyck. 



He does profiles for Prusaslicer too.

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I'd go with the 3 V2 - that has a lot of the bits I put on mine over a period of time doing upgrades.  Don't forget to add a BLTouch to the budget - it really helps to get good first layer adhesion an

Bought mine from https://technologyoutlet.co.uk and they have been spot on to deal with. Uk supply and warranty. 

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Steve (sdh2903)

 Cheers Chris :yes:


The cad/cura aspect is definitly the steepest learning curve for me. Just been using the general cura profiles to get started. 


Back to printing car bits now much to the kids dismay. Poor things not stopped since it's been setup :d

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Chep’s profiles are really very good. One thing he identified is the best layer heights for best results. They work too.

He’s done many youtube videos and most are helpful and I’d recommend watching some. 

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