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Bolts for T9 gearbox


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I have the T9 5 speed gearbox option for my XI that comes with the bell housing to mate it to the A-Series engine.


The kit unfortunately didn't come with the 4 bell housing to gearbox attachment bolts, so please can someone tell me what thread and length the bolts/ set screws should be?


Also, am I correct in thinking that there is no gasket required between the bell housing and the gearbox?

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You need a gasket between the gearbox and bellhousing and RTV, I've just had to replace mine to stop an oil leak from the input shaft cover cork gasket, just don't get any RTV in the top hole that the selector goes into. 


I had a similar problem with the bolts and eventually got them from Burton Power T9 Bolts



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Of course, I think it would have been useful to include these items in the gearbox conversion kit or at least mention them in the build guide.

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