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Steve’s FW 2.0 Zetec build – January 2021


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OK – here goes…another build diary…!
Deposit paid last week on an FW kit with the following spec:
2.0 Zetec + throttle bodies
Orange body
Wide track wishbones
Westfield front & rear calipers
FW rear diffuser
Heater kit
Luggage rack with extra boot lid plus locks
LED light pack (less headlamps)
Carbon effect stone guards
Sport turbo seats with orange piping and diamond stitching
Four-point harness
Momo steering wheel
Exhaust guard – powder coated
I’ve gone for mid-January delivery as I finish work end-November and I have a rather long list of jobs to do after that, including clearing & sorting the garage (shelving, getting some white paint on the walls and laying some PVC tiles).
I’ve been stalking the forum for a while and following a few build diaries, which have all been a great help, so hopefully I can return the favour in the months to come, although I'm sure I'll have a few questions of my own along the way.  I must also thank the Thames Valley group for letting me quiz them all during a rare Sunday pub run and ianht71 for showing me round his similar spec FW and taking me for a blast on the roads near his place.  The Westfield will join a TR6 in the garage, so it will be interesting to compare the two, and I’ll be spoilt for choice in the summer, although I do now have to buy some metric spanners!


I have previous Westfield history, having owned a X-flow engined yellow 7SE back in 89 - 97. I was amazed to find the sale ad I placed in the December 1996 / January 1997 edition of Westfield World (volume 6, issue 56)  in the archives on the website – what a great resource!
My nearest IVA centre is Yeading, just north of Heathrow, so I’ll be looking for feedback on how to prepare for that at some point next year (fingers crossed…)
Wish me luck!

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No going back now - stock check day tomorrow and then the fun really starts!  Bodywork and seats are for collection at a later date.

Both floor panels on today:

Big day Saturday - chassis off the build stands and onto axle stands. Did it with 4 helpers plus attached the engine crane at the rear just in case... All went OK, so now I need to tidy up the wiring

Posted Images

Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

:ww: Good choice of Spec

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Look forward to seeing your progress. Hopefully my diary (although I’ve only just started) will assist you at one point or another. Reading Mikes and a few others is certainly helping me! 

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I’m following your diary Ben, plus Mike’s and a couple of others - all very useful.



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Steve. Welcome to the mad house. I will continue to confess stupidity as I go along. 

Good luck and enjoy.

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Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

hello and welcome,


Always love a new build diary!



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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Welcome, we always look forward to another build diary!

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Welcome.  Good colour choice, have fun.   Xmas is coming so time to drop hints to santa with respect to the nice to have / essential tools, so you are ready for the fun in January.  I would ask santa for Cleco fastners, if you haven't got them already they make riveting a breeze as they keep the panels in place.  

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Thanks Two7 - I've been following your build and IVA experience, all very useful. Santa's list is growing daily (too much time spent browsing this forum!) and Clecos were an early addition. First job is creating some storage space in the garage...


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TR6, mechanical fuel injection. How do you keep that running! If you do that yourself, then building the Westfield will be a breeze.

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