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Pipercross airbox or sausage filter?


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Hi all


I need to replace the air filter on my Zetec with jenvey throttle bottles. The current one is too deep and has rubbed against the bonnet.


Question is, do I replace it with a similar pipercross filter, just not as deep, like this one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362009000535


Or, do I spend a little extra and get an airbox like this?  https://www.demon-tweeks.com/pipercross-600-series-sealed-airbox-246392/?sku=P/CC6200RH&istCompanyId=a2904180-3a7d-4e56-b876-cf81c9512180&istFeedId=6fbc4b04-fd28-4ce1-8513-835c8f118690&istItemId=wptqxtqti&istBid=t&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw-5v7BRAmEiwAJ3DpuLavJiPW_V43gLqDA8y8YIEdmMhUgHCchjDbWmH7uJpOB79FbEprxBoCsJIQAvD_BwE


I don't need, or even really want to, quieten the induction noise so am thinking only if the possibility of running a cold air feed from near the radiator will be beneficial with the airbox.  My car has a small cut out in the bonnet (20cm ish) but I would guess the sausage filter will take most of the air from under the bonnet, rather than sucking in cold air. 


Appreciate that the best solution may be to cut a bigger hole so I can have a bigger, partly exposed, filter, but this is not something I'm looking at doing.


Would be grateful for any thoughts on if the air box may be beneficial, and worth the extra cash? 


Many thanks

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Before swapping to a shorter filter. Read the manufacturers spec for space between trumpets and the filter. A shorter one may not be recommended.

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A little big of googling and I stumbled on a blog where someone had taken his caterham on a rolling road with the px600 airbox. Said it lost 20bhp! I find that hard to believe but it's enough to put me off!


So I'll go with a filter that's less deep.  Pipercross recommend at least 20mm between the end of the trumpet which means I can go for the 55mm box as linked above. Will though get the tape measure out before ordering to see if I can squeeze a deeper filter in, without rubbing against the bonnet.

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