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Electric XI


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I saw mention in the last issue of the club magazine of an XI that had been converted to electric power. I contacted the Essex area organiser to see if the owner could write a few words on the conversion on the forum as it may be of interest to us.


In the meantime I traced the conversion to Nick Mason who started a company called 'ECOClassics' that specialises in the electric conversion of classic cars. There is some very interesting information on their website on the XI conversion. Here is a link if you are interested:





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Yes, it turned up at the Essex meet and was said to go very well (but quietly!).


I've exchanged a couple of messages with Nick who says that the company is very busy so I guess he just hasn't had the time to update the blog.


There was apparently an article about it in a recent 'Kitcar' magazine.



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Nick Algar

I had a read of this website, Nick's experience with Ford seemed good. I had hoped they were going to outline in more detail the safety measures being taken on their builds as this is absolutely key on any Amature one off vehicle build like this. It's very easy to put and engine, battery & controller in a car. It's make sure it's done to a safety standard that is going to be key with all of these vehicles.

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Yes, I agree. I admire this type of project but there will be a lot of momentum in those batteries during an impact.


I reckon it weighs much more than 530 kg too!

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