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Some bits for sale.

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I have a few items up for sale


A par of MickMade carbon headlights with lenses - SOLD

Idea was to put the lenses in, cable them up to allow for a quick turnaround in swapping them.  I have instead decided to go down a different route rather than using these







A pair of carbon effect cycle wings with indicators - £80 collection or buyer sorts out a courier.  Happy to package them up

Having just removed these, a couple of the bolts needed to be grinder off and sunk the heads of the bolts into the wings.  The bolts were small so should you use the same size or larger, it will be noticeable.  Condition is overall good for both wings, no cracks or marks






CTEK battery sense. - SOLD

CTEK sense monitors your battery and reports it back to your phone so you can be notified if charge is low, prompting you to charge it




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I'll take the battery sense please. PM'd you.

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