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Assistance With IVA Aplication

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I am trying to fill in the IVA application and there are a number of items on the form I am having trouble answering. Anyones help would be much appreciated.


4F(i) -  What type of body? I was going to put Saloon.

4g - What is the engine number. Is this the Engine Casting Number or Engine ID Number, I have been supplied these by Westfield on a Engine Age Statement but I don't know where on the engine it is found.

4h - Where is the engine number found. Had a look but can not see a number.

4s - What is the cylinder capacity. Is this the actual cc or the one that the engine manufacturer advertised.

4t - What is the number and arrangement of cylinders. If it is a Ford Zetec would that be 4 in line?

4x - Does the vehicle have one or more ECWVTA or NSSTA Certificate YES NO of Conformity?


This as far as I got in the application. There could be more questions.


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Steve (sdh2903)

4f. Sports

4g. Engine ID number.

4h. Above needs to be stamped on the engine  block. Ask wf where they stamp it. Then write down its location on the block.

4s. Actual cc (1989 for a 2.0 zetec I think?)

4t. Yes 4 inline 

4x. No.

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