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Pair Toyo 888 gg 205x13" SOLD

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Please note these are 13", I bought these from a former member who advised me that they were 15" when I received them they were 13", seller went very quiet, so I'm stuck with them, I'm selling at a lot less than I paid in the hope that somebody can use them, both are in excellent condition with at least 4.5 mm tread.










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Chris King
7 hours ago, Yanto said:

least 4.5 mm tread.

Not much more than that when new I believe 😁

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They both say "LEFT" on the other side 😉.


I believe this is the date stamp, thinking back I've had them 5 years (time flies), stored in a cool dark corner of my dry garage, so no UV damage, the ones I use on my Westy are of the same vintage and still stick like you know what.








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