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Heater outlet with Emerald ecu


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Just fitting the heater outlet on the passenger side but all it will do is overheat the emerald ecu which is on a hinged plate.  I could angle it upwards to warm the scuttle but I was wondering if anyone has come up with a great idea to somehow get the warmth into the passenger footwell. 

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Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

Assuming it’s the same heater (WF supplied with four air outlets), I just used a short length of the flexible ducting, fed it down and fitted the adjustable vent on the end. Feeds hot air into footwell, away from ecu. Plus it’s easy to access to open and close.


See below, ECU mounting plate on left, tunnel carpet on right:


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OK, good idea, my ecu mounting plate is wider than yours so no room at the moment but I am hopeful this can be modified with a small cut away to do the same.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.🙂


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I assume it’s happening because of the fact that heat is too strong, and your outlets are not placed at the right place. Also, the point to set the thing to feed hot air into footwell and not on ECU is a good idea. I have tried once to use ceramic heaters to avoid all of those overheating problems, and from that time, I am using only such kind of heaters https://www.bnthermic.co.uk/products/heaters/ch2/. Even home, because the characteristics of this material are so good. They can allow you to heat not all the air around you but the exact spot you need. It has certainly become one of my most successful acquisitions.

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