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Removing fuel tank with fw bodywork


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I see a Few members have a mission to remove fuel tank and diff from a fw bodywork car, cage and tub removal may not be necessary , I have taken a few pics to show how i do it.

first off disconnect battery jack car get it on stand's ect, then drain fuel from the tank and remove the alloy fitting watch out for the prefilter, Then undo the tank straps from the front and fold them up take the rear bolt's of it you want. Then undo the hose clips and take of the filler cap , use a jimmy bar to push up the hose like photo and use your finger to pull the hose down and out. Now if your seats move forward you can get the access to the two bolts for the upper arms pull them out about half way and do the same at the rear, the tank support frame will now drop down and allow you to get the tank out remove return line and you should be good.


Hope this helps fellow westy owner's 


My diff is out just now but after new year I will do a pic diary and a vid or two of it going back together for the group.




















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Thanks for this great write up @fil46

only just found it. 

I have no excuse now not to take mine out over winter to try and stop it p*****g out oil!

Did you get it back in fine too 

any pictures or vids of this 👍🏼

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Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO
1 hour ago, Kristian said:

How the H..L did you get the diff out? Houdini?

I'd not want to try. It's hard enough to put the diff into a bare chassis! :bangshead:

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Thanks Luke, don’t have any vids of it going back together, but I have a doggy fuel sender so may be removing the tank in the next few days so I will do a video of the removal , diff will be coming out in a few months so I will do a vid of how I do the magic 

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50 minutes ago, Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO said:

It's hard enough to put the diff into a bare chassis

Has to be easier the removing the rear of the car not forgetting full cage :(

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Just a thanks to the OP. His write up works. It's far from easy, but it does work. I've yet to get it all back together but fingers crossed.


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