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Vented discs

cast iron

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Then you're not braking hard enough 😁


This brings me back around to my air in the system comment...

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Rush Motorsport
16 hours ago, SootySport said:

Exactly as above,  hi spec ultralight will flex and wear unevenly, been there and done that.   Solution was to return to the trusty Ford M16’s.


I’m a big advocate of the M16 upgrade! 

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Got M16 front and Golf rears on the Sigma car, and pad variations aside, while they might not be quite up to the AP Racing front's on the S2000, they wipe the floor with the Ultralight all round set up's I've had. (I've ditched the Ultralight rear's on the S2000 and changed to Golf, so hopefully that will be a good improvement)

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