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Steering Wheel Boss

Marcus S.

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Hi eveyone. 

I’m new to the forum and new to the world of Westfield ownership. I bought a 2001 Supersport a few months ago and I’m taking the winter to perform some servicing and basic upgrades. Just to set the scene - I’m a novice level mechanic and learning as I go.

A few of my planned upgrades require the dash coming out but I’m already stuck. I have a quick release Momo steering wheel which has it’s own carrier / boss. Once I’ve removed that I’m left with a further boss. However I can’t see how this can be removed as there are no screws on view.  Is it being held on by friction alone? Do I need a puller to remove it or is there something else obvious I am missing?

Thanks in advance


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Nick Mace

It just needs to be pulled off.  Normally you can pull hard enough on the steering wheel perhaps giving it a bit of a shake one side and top/bottom at a time to work it loose. You'll need to take care that you don't damage your QR boss.  The most important tip is to put the bolt back on loosely because when they come off they come off very quickly and you'll end up smacking yourself in the face with the wheel if you don't have the bolt there to stop it!

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As Nick says, but also squirt a little easigas or similar to give it a little lube to free off. Doesnt need much but should help it free from the splines.

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