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7 minutes ago, nice_guy said:

Should have bought an e-type

but then we couldn't chuckle at your woes! And enjoy your build diary, obviously.

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Mmmmh. Adequate.




May iterate on the part (internal fins for it to stop wobbling when print gets tall, reduce a tad the cutout at the bottom to slide over column from top, and increase length towards steering wheel to cover the groove...).


Need black screws, too. And finer sandpaper.

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It signals left and right, it's a mile away from the rim, and it stalks.


Feels pretty... normal. Need to extend fingers a bit more, but there is not much I can do about it, maybe a momo-pattern weel would save 10 mil from the moto-lita adapter (I bought two quick release sets, anlso two rf remotes so I can pair two wheels), maybe I'll get another 12" wheel with momo pattern and a vintage look, leathery for a bit of change...




(there will be more screws on the wheel. Slotted screws. Because)



Now, back to the previous sidetracking overcomplicated thingy....

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I tried several switch labels, with little luck with the tools provided with the machine. Conical engraving tools, probably way too cheap, and I'm cheap. That says a lot.

I fished out the routing bits out of the dremel case, and found a (cheap, obviously) set of various tools, with self disintegrating cutting discs, rubbish sandpaper rolls and routing bits/sharpy teeth things. Same diameter as on the cnc.

I gave it a try, and that's more like it.


I also prototyped various label shapes wit the printer (way faster), found a style that goes with the symbols, and off we go.




Warpy mdf, low quality double sided tape, and voila !

("""machining""" 0.5 mm abs sheet, so double sided tape is the way)

I'd still want to have a go at labels printed with a circular simple text, but I haven't found a way to do this properly YET, probably in inkscape, but I'm no gfx artist, and single line thin writing is... interesting, with hobby software chain at least.


But, wait a sec, one might say. No engraved symbol to be seen on these !

Yes, correct, that would need a different tool. So engraving will happen with the provided pointy bits, maybe the sharper ones I've ordered will help for a more delicate engraving (0.1mm instead of .2 or .3 on the ones I have)


And how will I secure the delicate 0.5mm flimsy rounded label on the machine table ?

Double sided tape springs to mind. But I don't like springy things. So I printed a jig (some fettling has been made for a snug fit)




I'll be screwed in the MDF board. If that fails, double sided tape it will be, but I like the idea of a repeatable, centered logo engraving.



Obviously, the hobby 3018 cnc is a toy, it is very flimsy for a machine, vibrates a lot because thin X axis, the spindle motor is something that screams "Tamiya" more than "Toyoda", but I'll see how far I can get before upgrading to the ubiquitous 500w spindle, endstops and a beefy X axis with linear rail. Wont turn into a proper industrial thingy, but I might take it a bit further on soft alloys (Yes, YOU, damed crossflow exhaust gasket). And dust extraction will probably happen regardless of performance upgrades.


Honestly I'm very pleasantly surprised of the result, given the noises the thing makes. (I go very slow to reduce chatter, doesn't change a bit  even on one program I forgot to reduce to 100mm/minute, it went through plastic and MDF at 550mm/minute with horrible noises a bit louder, but no difference in machined part)



The same very secondhand dell laptop (pentium 4) runs both cnc and printer. At the same time. No issue.

The cnc octoprint is called cnc.js and does the very same thing, by the way.

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