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1992 SEIW 2.0 Pinto **SOLD**


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For sale:
    1992 Westfield SEIW 2.0 Pinto 
    Kent FR32 cam    

    Type 9 5speed gearbox
    Twin Weber DCOE40 carbs

    M16 front calipers mintex 1144 pads
    Roughly about 24,000 miles( It had a digital bike speedo on when i bought it)

    MOT'd until 9/6/2019

The engine was rebuild by the previous owner. 205 block, unleaded head.

Detachable steering wheel.

The car had a new alternator, starter motor, cambelt with tensioner, clutch cable, front calipers, discs, pads, rear discs, pads, electronic ignition, 
coil,electronic VDO speedo with sender , water temp gauge and facet electric fuel pump last August before I drove it down to Monza to watch F1
then up to Germany to take it around the Nurburgring. Did a total of 2600 miles and only the throttle cable snapped which was repaired at the 
side of the road in Switzerland(a replacement will be included but the original is still going).

The carbs will need rebalancing at some point, it was done last year before the road trip.

Also retrimmed the dash and replaced the warning lights with black facia LED ones. It's got an FIA kill switch wired in, 12V and 2 usb sockets 
in the dash too.

Fibreglass seats that were red so I retrimmed them in black faux alcantara which is on the top of the dash as well, they are a bit wrinkled near 
the base but are the widest seats i've tried being tall and not slim I kept them. New Luke harnesses fitted.

I fitted a new heater in the car with windscreen and lower vents as when I bought the car it had an Aero screen on it.

Retrimmed the interior carpet along with a bit of sound proofing material.

The bootbox has been cut at the sides as it must of had an RAC roll bar at some point. I've got a replacement one that will be included but its 
in orange.

It will also come with a set of 195/50/15 and 205/50/15 toyo 888 tyres which I removed when I bought it to fit road tyres on. The 205 rears were 
new on and still have the colour markings on them. It's on Toyo T1R's at the moment.

Will also come with 2 new front Westfield fake carbon cycle wings which i never got around to fitting.

Just fitted LED headlight bulbs and rear tail/stop lights.

The paint work is ok for 26 years old, its worse on the passengers side where a bungee cord rubbed on the rear wing before I fitted the windscreen 
and hood. Some small stone chips on the rear wing . Its got a crack in the paint on the scuttle passengers side.

It also comes with a cover that goes from the rear of the car to the windscreen and a full cover.

I've owned it for the past 4 1/2 years and have had some fun in it but the time has come to sell as i've done what I wanted to do with the european 
road trip with the wife. I also bought a Nissan 350z roadster last year so that has done most of the miles in the past 12 months.

I'm looking for £5495 ono

Contact me on here or slyv12@hotmail.co.uk















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