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Turbo Mazda SDV

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56 minutes ago, BugMan said:

Glad to hear your making progress on the catches, I spent a long time thinking of how I could get the best fit but also went a bit red in the progress :westy:

I like to do a decent job and it's frustrating that my skills don't match my expectations when it come to working with the fibreglass. I need to tidy it up once finished. Bit of fibreglass here, bit of gel coat there. At least after the IVA I can take my time with it.

Thanks for the tip with the cut-off wheel. It was quicker and left a better finish.

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Today was the day to get the aerocatches bonded to the bonnet. A few double checks and here we are


I bonded a test piece using offcuts to strength test tomorrow. Fingers crossed as always but I think it'll be fine.

Apart from that I've been tidying the front suspension area for the IVA. Can anyone see issues here?

Steering straight:


Full lock




There's nothing touching or binding and I've tried to tie things away so they can't swing into the suspension.

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the wiring (under the bonnet, too), on the off side could do with being a bit better supported and tied in - it's possible to route it almost entirely hugging the wishbone, without huge loops being needed a he ends to take up the movement.

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Thanks, I'll try to sort that tomorrow if it can fit without slack.

Under the bonnet isn't so bad close up but I do have plans to tidy it. 

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