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IVA midget gauges

paul kynaston

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paul kynaston

As I have a donor and I am not yet able to order a kit I am doing as much refurbishing  of items as I can

. My question  is are the bezels on a Smiths midget gauge suitable as people are offering IVA compliant and 

standard bezels ? Or is it covered by the gauges being behind the steering wheel ?

Has anyone tried getting a modified rear axle done before ordering the kit ,as i would like to get it assembled well in advance ?


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No problem with the standard Midget guages/bezzels in my experience, getting through IVA.

I wouldn't try getting the back axle done until you order your kit, as the modifications to the axle are carried out by the factory as part of the kit price. What you can do in advance is get the axle degreased and get as much of the rust off as possible, and cut/grind off the standard suspension mountings, so it is ready for the factory to weld on the kit brackets.

And when you collect the modified axle back from the factory, take one of your dampers with you, and make sure that the damper and one of the factory trailing links will fit to the brackets. ;)

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Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

Hi, Paul,

The standard Midget gauges, fitted in the standard Westfield XI dashboard are OK as they are in the zone that is protected by the steering wheel and, as such, are not tested for contact by the sphere.  If you wanted to fit dials before IVA outside this zone, you would need the rounded bezel gauges.

I would have thought that Westfield would carry out the axle mods if asked, but I am sure they would want paying for the time and materials if this took place before ordering a kit.  How much discount there would be would then be a subject for debate.  Who knows, one of us may damage an axle or want a spare at some point so we would soon be on the phone to Kingswinford to see if they could do another one for us.

Good to hear that another Westfield XI could be on the way.


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Hi Paul, 

I'll be collecting my xi kit in about seven weeks time (and a donor next Friday), so please contact me if you need any advice prior to ordering your kit. 

It'll be good to compare notes during our respect builds as they'll be happening roughly in parallel. 



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