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Spax dampers: can bushes be replaced?

Julian Dobson

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Julian Dobson

I have just got my 30 year old pre-lit back on the road after 13 years in garage. Car has original SPAX dampers. The rear damper rubber bushes are perished (soft and sticky) which probably accounts for the jarring crash up my spine when I go over pot-hole.

Is it possible to replace the rubber bushes? Should I replace the dampers: the damping adjustment has never seemed to work? If they should be replaced, does anybody have some (good) used ones for sale? Usage is road: i'm not going to race it.


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You can change the bushes.. although tha challenge is often the design has changed and the new ones don’t fit... Also the rubber shaft seal, and ‘o’ ring in the adjuster is just as old.     How many times have I heard...   there’s nothing wrong with the dampers I just want new bushes..   almost as often as I changed the bushes and the dampers are now leaking....   Sounds like after 30 years they have done pretty well.    If you’d like a price on some new ones Email me and we can sort out details.   There’s no obligation.  

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