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c20Xe bits for sale

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Following the sale of the car, I have a bit of a clearout to do.

C20XE engine spltted in pieces. Basically what I have is

A block with good bores. Cooling system may need a blast and all a bit of a clean... other than this, the hooning maks were still visible and are round.

A head. very dirty, but wasn't porous when splitted and is flat and never skimmed. (gm head)

there is a set of a pistons and std rods

Std cams with caps

SOLD-Crank wit caps-

There is also a sump and a rocker cover.

Good to have it around to when it comes the time to rebuild, so you don't need to chase for a casting

Made me a fair offer and come to colect it.

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I add to say that the rocker cover its been modifyed to work with drysump... so ot doesnt have the upper baffles nor the breathers. And its been clean ready to spray... just in case.

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I can't believe nobody is made an offer for the block and the head yet... Is taking space under the bench and won't be asking much money for it...

If you take the head and the block, all the other stuff I have in pieces, is yours for free.


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