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Ridiculous sportspeople.

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Simple - have a clean cycling tour and a drugged cycling tour, where they can take whatever they like.  It would be entertaining.

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On 11/07/2018 at 21:19, Blatman said:

Surely though, whoever is prescribing the meds is as culpable as the athlete for taking them? How does one get a 2 year supply of (insert name of drug here), finish it in three weeks and then get another script filled? It's hard enough to buy a box of 24 Nurofen Plus without the pharmacist treating us (well me today) like some sort of opiate addict. Isn't there supposed to be checks and balances in the drug prescribing system?

I'm sure there is a suitable painkiller for that. Just don't take too much of it. But if you do, remember this... I used to work for Sky  :oops::d 

You mention large doses of meds. used in a short time, seemingly with no checks and balances.

When detailed medical records were required by DCMS committee, the records had been lost. IIRC 55 doses of Triamcinolone were received by the team, but only records for 10 doses---oops! 

With regard to opiod painkillers the UCI are thinking about banning Tramadol from 2019. No wonder riders keep falling off their bikes; even going uphill sometimes.

How can a team doctor look after the health of riders without a history of their previous medical interventions/ drug administration etc?  Without adequate medical record keeping IMO a team should be barred for a year or two until they can get their act together.

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