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Upset neighbour

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Just been round most of my neighbours none of them have a problem with my noise levels and they all said carry on and they wished they had a little old green car:laugh: the only one's i haven't spoken to are still in there pit 11am on a glorious sunny day . At least the words out im sorry for any disturbance .


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I think you’re wise. Your cars are so vulnerable when it comes to neighbours who want to be petty and escalate things.

It doesn’t matter how in the right you are, when some jerk decides to sprinkle screws over your drive, or worse.

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I had a noise problem with a neighbour at my old place. Semi detached property, so always likely to be some noise both ways of course, but our issue was the boy. His two favourite pastimes were basketball and guitar. We got treated to indoor basketball most of the day and late night guitar practice. Hard to credit just how loud a regulation basketball can be when bounced off the interior of a house....and as for the endless repetition of the guitar riffs.....


anyhoo, we had a polite and adult talk about it. In the spirit of fairness, I asked the mother if there was any noise we made or anything we did that caused her or her son any distress. She went straight to the one single occasion about 3 years prior when I was bedding in some new cams.

eventually, to the point, it’s all too easy to annoy other people without intending to.....and for that event to stick in their minds for a long time. Being adult about it and trying to resolve it has to be the right way to go.

i resolved my noise issue with the neighbours by moving. Simples.

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Simple solution from a Corvette racer. Valve either side, one way through twin exhausts and out the back. The other straight out of the headers. When he "opened up" the exhaust and engine at Bicester Scramble it removed several layers of turf, and upset the Aston Martin club next door who were half way through their cucumber sandwiches.




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