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Phil J

SEI (narrow) Now Sold

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Westfield SEI.docx

The car is at my home in Looe, Cornwall

The price is what I paid for it £2500

 Westfield SEI (narrow) fully registered (Q plate) as a Westfield SEI, the V5 is in my name.


The story so far, I bought this unfinished rebuild from Ralphy on here back in December. My intention being to use all the body and engine parts of my unregisterd pre-lit to build one car and move on the extra bits

Today was the first chance I’ve had to offer up my pre-lit bodywork to the SEI chassis and found that it will not fit as various measurements  and angles just do not match. I don’t have the time or space to build two so the SEI is for sale.


So what is included in the sale?


SEI fitted with a zetec blacktop 2 ltr engine with Ford fuel injection rail and Mikuni throttle bodies, type 9 gearbox and Westfield front and rear suspension. All connected up with brakes and an Omex 600 series ecu to make it run.


The engine reputedly came out of an accident damaged rear-ended Focus which had done 77k miles. I cannot comment on the condition of the gearbox, axle  or brakes as I have not driven the car.


The good bits;

The body tub, bonnet and nose cone are previously unfitted – no holes. Only loosely put in place for the photos but not attached to the chassis. Genuine Westfield parts but not in matching colours.

It has fitted alloy injection tank with fuel sump so no need for a swirl pot.

Bias brake bar and pedals fitted and appear to be working.

Stainless exhaust manifold and silencer.

Windscreen, sidescreens and roof.


Ralphy spent considerable time and effort blast cleaning, zinc spraying and painting the chassis and it appears all sound.


What needs to be done.


Electrics – the wiring is mainly present and some is labelled but all untested.

Plumbing needs improving, the pipe runs are wrong.

Engine mount needs a spacer to lift it so that the exhaust clears the chassis rail.

Dials and gauges need fitting and probably replacing.

Alternator bracket is wrong and the belt fouls the engine slightly.


Price £2500 firm.



















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