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Weber Alpha rev counter signal

Dave Court

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Managed to miss a gear on a track day last year and the rev counter died

thought i must have killed it so sent away for repair, 

just got round to fitting it and it still doesn't work,

tried tracking the wire back to the ecu but it was not connected to anything!

no idea what has happened but here i am.

can anyone tell me which output the rev counter signal wire is suppose to be connected to on teh ECU?

i found the manual for the Duratec installation but it does not look the same as i actually have.

i called Weber but was told almost everyone who knew about this product has now left


2018-03-20 18.06.36.jpg

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Think it’s pin 7 purple wire with white stripe.

i had same ecu as yours on my Duratec. When I went to Omex I re-used the Weber Alpha engine harness. Strange how it connected to tacho though. It had both power and the purple wire with white stripe going to the signal in. Really strange. No power when i re wired it to Omex. I have no explanations why Alpha do what the do. 

Take a look at the Weber Alpha manual on line. Nearly drove me mad though!!

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Thanks, i will have another look when the weather brightens up!

how easy was the swap to Omex, i must admit i did not realise the Alpha was no longer supported until i started digging this week!

do you just change the ECU or do all the perifals need to change too?  

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It depends exactly what the rest of the system is, You usually find it’s easier to change the water and air temperature senders, along with the throttle pot. (The latter isn’t always needed but they do wear and give trouble and it’s much easire to change now, with an ecu, than later).

Assuming the Weber loom is being re used, then it’s a case of replacing the Weber ecu plug with an Omex comparable one, AND retiring g a couple of the relays. The Weber system seems to have some unusual ways of switching and driving things compared to most of the aftermarket ecu’s, but it’s not too difficult. Andy managed it and he hates wires ;):p  :) 

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