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Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day September 2018

Steven (WE51STE)

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As usual I've booked two days at the Curborough Track. This post is about the second event of the year on Friday 28th September 2018.

** To save the WSCC from any liability issues I have to let you know that the Curborough Track days ( As for the last 14 years ) have been booked by me ( or the previous Area Organisers ) and are not organised or sanctioned by the Westfield Car Club. **


The price to hire the circuit has gone up again this year so there is an increase in costs.

There will be a £30 Deposit ( Non Refundable ).

The remainder then will be paid on the day depending on the number of people attending ( with a maximum of 15 people ):


  • Attending 15 people – £27 to pay on the day
  • Attending 14 people – £30 to pay on the day
  • Attending 13 people – £34 to pay on the day
  • Attending 12 people – £39 to pay on the day
  • Attending 11 people – £44 to pay on the day
  • Attending 10 people - £50 to pay on the day
  • Attending 9 people - £58 to pay on the day
  • Attending 8 people - £65 to pay on the day

I don't make a profit on these events and if there is any left over it will be given to the Local Hospice Charity.

1st Priority Warwickshire Area WSCC Members
2nd Priority Non-Warwickshire Area WSCC Members
3rd Priority Non-WSCC Members

Both of the Track Days are usually over subscribed so if you are interested in attending please get in touch ASAP ( You will need to pay your deposit to secure your place ).

These are always a great day and a safer way to explore the limits of the car / driver going round the circuit one at a time.

If you need any more information on Curborough please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Attending 14/15 out of a maximum of 15 : 11 Confirmed With Deposits ( £ 350 ) - 3/4 Deposits Pending :
1. Justin Lever ( ) - £20 Deposit Paid ( Cash )
2. Martyn Vann ( MartynV ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( Cash )
3. Geoff Hall ( OldBoy ) - Deposit Pending
4. Nick Clark ( NickPC ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( Bank Transfer )
5. Shindha Singh ( Rusty Nuts ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( Bank Transfer )
6. Rakesh Verma ( Via Rusty Nuts ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( Bank Transfer )
7. Simon Waterfall ( Syman84 ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
8. Adam Byfield ( Resto157 ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
9. Scott Collingwood ( Scottc88 ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
10. Daniel Beresford ( ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
11. Tony Shakeshaft ( Damper Man ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
12. David Preston ( ) - £30 Deposit Pending
13. Alistair Jones ( 
Ali and Gail ) - £30 Deposit Pending
14. Victor ( Jabiqq ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
15. Luke ( LukeW )- To Be Confirmed


Pulled out :
1. Paul Medhurst ( ) - Deposit Pending
2. Ben Draper ( Bunjie ) - £30 Deposit Paid ( PayPal )
3. Andrew Gilbert ( AEG )
4. Garry Barehead ( )
5. Andy ( Sycho )
6. Ian Heawood ( )

Although I'm still not going to be able to drive the Westfield for a while I'm still intending to be running the events providing the sausage / bacon baps for breakfast and cooking the BBQ lunch.

Be safe and see you soon,


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yes please can i have a place if not filled up with Warwickshire people. let me know how to send deposit thanks 

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Put me down as well please Steve.

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Thanks for the prompt deposit Payment syman84 I've updtaed the original post.

Scott / Resto157 if you could pay your deposit ASAP to confirm your attendance it will stop the position I was in last year when I turned some people away and some people that hadn't paid their deposits didn't turn up.

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All the 15 spaces are preliminarily booked / reserved ( still waiting for some local regulars to get back to me ). If you names on the and you have not yet paid your deposit could I ask you to pay to confirm your place. If you are interested and you names not yet down please let me know and I'll add you to the reserve list ( there is usually changes right up to the morning of the event ).

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Money recieved Adam original post updated.

Also added Victor onto the reserve list.

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Hi Scott,

Your deposit has been recieved and the original post has been updated to reflect this.



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The original post has been updated with some more deposits taken during lasts nights area meeting ( 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Falcon Inn @ Hatton ).

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I would like to point out how much better the price per person gets with 18 participants rather than 15! :d

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