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Building my Eleven


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New Edge alternator and mounting bracket fitted. Thermostat housing replaced with non cap type and new fan switch so cuts in around 80c. White smoke gone not a clue what that was about. Coil pack and 3 bar map sensor fitted on ally panel above foot well. New crank sensor fitted and all running ok. Don't know whether to keep it or sell it.


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The next stage of my Eleven build is to swap the engine for a crossflow which will fit under the bonnet and I can lose the bulge. I have bought Mr T's 1700cc engine and will run it with the Weber

After what seems like ages, the car has gone off today to have the carbs set up and connect  the Nodiz. It's amazing how small the car is without the bodywork and the engine fits nicely unde

Another stage forward in the build. I have managed to retain the pivot action of the rear clam with a bit of modification and all the bodywork clears the roll over structure. The throttle bo

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TwinCam20v, perhaps not clear in the photograph but they are Weber carbs.

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Just found a couple of small cracks at the top of the windshield about 8mm long and thinking of drilling a tiny hole at the bottom of each to stop more travel. Then a small amount of silicone into the holes. Anyone got any experience of this type of problem.

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I don't have experience of the problem, but I think your method of dealing with it is on the right lines. In terms of how to fill the resulting little holes, you might consider using a windscreen repair kit, such as RainX. I've actually got some, but never used it so can't give first hand experience of how easy or effective it is. Maybe someone on the boardroom has used it?

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Thanks Stephen, Unfortunately this happened when the car was away having some work done on it but I discovered it too late. Previously I have used dichloromethane but for perspex and not sure if the screen is perspex or something else. I'll look into your suggestion.

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I’ve had numerous problems with the screens developing cracks/crazing along the edges, especially during really hot weather. I think it’s a combination of the Perspex being stressed to fit the car and not being fully de-stressed as part of the manufacturing process. I’m now on my 3rd screen and, even though the new one has only been out of the garage once, it already has some very light crazing.

Be very careful what products you use to clean/polish, for example the standard RainX is not compatible with Perspex and you need a ‘plastic’ variant if you want to use it.


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Hi Jon, thanks for the info. Being a tight jock, I use water but, chemical free, I'm not sure. The screen does need careful handling though, so I try and bear that in mind.

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Unfortunately, no progress at the moment, I thought I was still 21 and lifted a zx10r engine.

Silly boy, my back is causing me really bad pain.

Will I ever learn, probably not.

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