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Building my Eleven


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The eleven has come back from storage after our house move and it's like collecting the kit all over again.

My build will be used for hill climbs using a 1.8 ex formula ford zetec with dry sump, so a little different to

usual Eleven build.


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The next stage of my Eleven build is to swap the engine for a crossflow which will fit under the bonnet and I can lose the bulge. I have bought Mr T's 1700cc engine and will run it with the Weber

After what seems like ages, the car has gone off today to have the carbs set up and connect  the Nodiz. It's amazing how small the car is without the bodywork and the engine fits nicely unde

Another stage forward in the build. I have managed to retain the pivot action of the rear clam with a bit of modification and all the bodywork clears the roll over structure. The throttle bo

Posted Images

Trial fit of the Zetec engine prior to fabricating some engine mounts.


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Fitting the engine and gearbox in is challenging, especially as the dry sump system uses the same mounting points for the

engine mounts on one side. However cardboard is cheap and easy to form to mock up some ideas.

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How well does it fit under the bonnet?  What sort of ground clearance do you end up with?


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The position of the engine has not yet been finalised and it is still sitting on blocks, so difficult to give

a reliable answer. The overall height of the engine, bottom of sump pan to top of oil filler on the cam cover is

about 600mm and the size from the under side of the bottom chassis rail to the scuttle flange where the bonnet

rests is 585mm approx. so it will fit as you can see from the pic but I will have to take account of the bonnet slope

towards the front of the car. The sump pan will be below the bottom chassis rail but not by much.

Sorry, can't be more accurate than that at the moment.


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Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

remember to check clearance for the clutch arm if you use a cable system rather than hydraulic

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Cheers Terry, thanks for reminding me. It's all back out at the moment to fit bellhousing etc, then I can see how I'm placed clearance wise.

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They look like they have a deep offset rob. Will they go under the clam arches?


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No worries John, all good 7" wide rims but had to keep to 205 section tyres. Fronts are a different matter though 5.5" and 175 section tyres.

Am using Toyo R888R, so be interesting to see how they perform.

I also have some 6" and 7" Allycats and may fit those with slicks.

I'm not too worried about turning on a hill or track but paddocks may be a hassle.

The new bellhousing, flywheel hydraulics and clutch bits should come today and if I'm allowed to play at the weekend

I may get the engine and box built up but the plan is to get the car onto the wheels and tyres and get the ROPs  sorted.

Time does fly past and spent far too much time moaning about the revised class structure that will be

used in the southern regions.

Daffs are starting to sprout, so need get mi finger out.

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