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Type 9 Layshaft Bearing

chris parkin

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Evening All,

I've stripped my type 9 box and have bought a replacement kit consisting of the bearings/gaskets/seals from bearingkits.co.uk (http://www.bearingkits.co.uk/FORD-TYPE-9-GEARBOX-REBUILD-KIT/1238.htm) and when I've come to fit the new layshaft bearing it would appear the inner race is still on the shaft. In the kit I have bought, the bearing is complete and the inner race does not split out from the outer. To make matters more confusing, with a bit of research I've found this product (https://transmission-rebuild-kits.co.uk/product/ford-type-9-rear-layshaft-bearing/) which would suggest the two are split. Are these completely different bearings or is there a difference in layshafts dependant on the type of box?

Anybody come across this? I was quite pleased with myself for tackling this as a project and was gutted with this slight hurdle, hopefully its an easy one!



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The bearing has to split for you to be able to take the box apart and put it back together. The inner race comes in two parts, one part is the spacer, the other part is a top hat shape. Are you sure the parts aren't stuck together with grease?

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If they are stuck together with grease then it's more than I can pry off with my hands. Might be able to hold it internally in a chuck at work and get more of a grip. I'm a little bit reluctant to get tools in there and mark the ground bore.

What sort of tolerance fit is on the inner race? Can it be released by putting the shaft in the oven or does it need serious heat?



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Bit of heat on the bearing and it freed up, it was stuck together with grease. I've given the shaft a good degreasing (fingers crossed enough!) and will be putting it in the oven at work which hopefully will release the shrink fit, I don't really want to use a torch on that surface if I don't have to. 

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