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Steve's sport 250 build

Steve (sdh2903)

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Finally got round to start prepping for my new westfield so I thought id start a build thread!


I'm Steve from a village called Houston, not the warm texan version, but a wet scottish version about 10 miles from Glasgow. The westie will be my second kit build. The first was a GKD legend which started out with a 1.8 m42 engine and ended up with an R1 lump. Bought the prototype chassis on an ebay whim It ended up looking like this:




Anyway that had to go to fund a house move about 3 years ago. So last year the itch came back and i ordered an mx5 based kit of which was a disaster due to several issues mainly surrounding the quality of the chassis along with the replacement chassis, so ended up going back and after a threat of legal action I ended up with a refund.


At that time i didnt have a garage, but open access to an industrial unit of a kind friend. The place is huge and great but extremely cold and damp in the winter and its not the same as building at home. So in the mean time whilst still sulking over my kit build i put myself to good use and built a garage!



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So onto the actual westfield related bit, apologies if im waffling!


I visited the factory a few months back with every intention of ordering an mx5 SDV kit to put my ready prepped and overhauled mx5 bits to use. However i came away wanting a mega s2000 kit. a few days later i ordered a starter kit plus a few other bits to get the thing rolling.


The hunt for an engine began and I was surprised to find that prices had risen on the f20c engines and not many about either. For a really good low milage unit it was looking like 3-4k :o. With even the high milers coming in at 2.5k. As the frustration grew my mind wandered to the sport 250 car that i had seen in the factory, with engines readily available at reasonable cost. After a few emails with Simon at the factory, they agreed to sell me the sport 250 as a starter kit as the complete kit was well out of the realms of budget.


So a few hours later id bought an engine, gearbox, flywheel and starter motor. I'm going down the route of some second hand parts rather than all new to try and save a few quid.


The engine came from a 2014 focus ST with allegedly 6000 miles, gearbox/fly/starter from a mk3 MX5 with 44k. Engine came with all ancilliaries, turbo, flywheel and clutch. On arrival i was well pleased as its immaculate and have no reason to doubt the milage. Only thing was it didnt have the loom, 100 quid later and i was in posession of a very big loom.














Manky gearbox




Also picked up a 3.62 sierra LSD from a chap over on locostbuilders who also rebuilt it with all new bearings and looks as though the case has been bead blasted too. I have a great fondness for the quaife ATB but this will do for now and the ATB will come one future winter to satisfy the upgradeitis itch.






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So today my parts cupboard is bare  :down:




So i decided to do something about it! Suspension and brakes have been ordered along with the Ford racing ecoboost controls pack from powertorque, who have been exceptionally helpful with my enquiries. They normally supply the complete engine, along with everything to fit. However as ive pulled a used focus engine into the fray theres a couple of bits and pieces that i need to source, specifically a temp sensor for the intercooler, map sensor and a shorter aux belt (minus aircon). Powertorque have helped pin down the exact bits and part numbers, very helpful.


Now the engine is as new in my mind but as its all alloy its just starting to get a slight white oxidation fur, which is going to annoy me. So ive decided to strip it down and give it a scuff up and a coat of paint. I'm undecided on painting the cam cover as its a messy under bonnet on the ecoboost unlike the pretty f20c engine. A bit of colour on the cover may break it up a bit. We'll see. Ive pulled the cover off just to be nosy anyway.






Also stripped the turbo side of the engine down. Manifold is integral which is very simple and neat. Even though the engine is new still managed to shear one of the heatshield bolts  :(, no biggie, drilled and retapped the hole.






So thats where I'm at as of tonight, the Turbo side is bare, Ill crack on with the inlet side tomorrow and im debating pulling the sump to have a poke around the balance shaft, but then again, other than curiosity, have no real reason to split it.

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Excellent, I've been waiting for your build to start. Think if I'm to build one then it'll be following the same path as yours.

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No real exciting progress as i ended up being called into work, I did however manage to strip down the cold side. Couple of features on this engine ive not seen before, just below the fuel rail is some sort of chamber with a plastic cover, seems to be a breather chamber of some sort.




Also this is the high pressure pump for the direct injection, i see one pipe in and one out to the fuel rail but no return, wondering if its a returnless system. More reading required




On the cold side i bottled removing the fuel rail and injectors as i didnt have seals and wont see the block in this area as its under the inlet.




Engine now doesnt look so big!




Any how i managed to get the engine primed before heading off to derbyshire for a wedding this weekend, will get it top coated and built back up next week before kit collection on friday. Some more bits arrived today to start filling my parts cupboard :t-up: only a new slave cylinder and a new shorter aux belt ( its a gates 4pk1360 if any one needs the info for future reference)




Oh and after chasing hispec finally managed to work their email and my brakes are now on order, Ive gone for the race upgrade fronts but in red to match the body and the usual rear ultralite handbrake calipers, the rs114 calipers usually only come anodised black so i suppose some praise due for accomodating my requests.

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Looks good! Yes the low pressure fuel system is returnless- run a 4.5 bar regulator if you can to avoid risk of cavitation in the high pressure pump which will fail it.

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Well the block has been painted and all put back together without drama, the new shorter aux belt fitted a treat. New oil filter, sump plug washer and 6 ltrs of oil ordered from my local stealers, amazingly they didnt have in stock. Gave the gearbox and diff a spruce up too.




New build stands knocked up




And thats it, garage swept out and the rubbish removed all ready for the new arrival, driving down tomorrow night and collecting the chassis on Friday. The chassis and ally panels are booked in at the Powder coaters on monday so I have the weekend to fettle the panels, well sunday as we're off to the ignition show on saturday at the SECC.


Cant wait to get cracking now!

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Well the pilgrimage to the west midlands is done, all my items were there apart from a couple of sport 250 specifics which they explained are still being tweaked such as engine loom so fair enough. Even the wheels i only added to the order a week or 2 back were sitting waiting for me so credit where credits due :t-up: .


One issue with the rear tub but was swiftly rectified by ian. Nosying over another sport 250 in build was useful and raised an issue over the clutch. I had assumed the standard slave setup from the mazda would be used however seems not, seemingly due to the heat generated by the turbo has caused issues and they have switched to a concentric slave with the pipe entering the box at the top. Am a bit 2 minded now whether to  use the standard and look at heat shielding or follow the factory lead and switch to a concentric. It would only crop up after buying a new slave cylinder.


Sunday is planned for trial panel fit before carting it off to powder coat monday. I might need to clear some space in the loft for all the bodywork too! Whats the safest way to store the FW side panels? stood up along its edge i assume?


Garage suddenly doesnt seem so spacious.....



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The slave cylinder on my mx5 gearbox is on the inlet side. Unless your gearbox is different then I'm not sure how this would be influenced by heat from the turbo on the opposite side of the engine?

One thing to note. Unless the tunnel is a lot wider on your chassis than mine ( in not sure it will be) then there is a small section gearbox that needs to be cut off to allow it to locate properly in the tunnel. There should be some pictures in my build thread.


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Looking good Steve. I just wrapped the side panels in sheets upright ( lengthways)  in the loft and seemed to be fine. Check the chassis floors where the drop floor is welded, as I had to linish those welds flat before fitting. Also round the chassis for the battery tray needed tidying up and repainting. Other than that, I cut off the rear spare wheel brackets, as an FW doesnt need them and then painted it. 

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You know what that's a good point. It is on the other side. Looking at the car today there seemed to be a decent clearance both sides. I think I'll sling the box in and trial fit to see if the clutch fork clears.

There must be some concern over heat as the supplied clutch pipe is heavily lagged and the turbo outlet is pretty close to the master cylinders. I will be looking at a decent heat shield once engine is in.

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