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XI Rear Light unit wiring.


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I am thinking of fitting my tail/brake light units, and rear indicators, as I've put the rear clamshell on the car for the moment to get it out of the way, and I can't make any progress on the front end until I've satisfied myself how I'm going to deal with the upright to top wishbone mounting, and then the question of whether I need to make any further mods. to my steering.

However, on looking at the rear light units, I find that they have no earth lead. What do others do about making a decent earth connection to the light units? And having done so where do you connect the earth lead to? You'd think the build manual would make some reference to this, but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe I need to read it more carefully!

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Hi, Steven,


I have provided earths to my light units by skewering a small hole in the rubber boot and passing a black wire through.

  • At the light end, I fitted eyelets and these were bolted to the casing of the lights via the mounting bolts to the bodywork (with a shakeproof washer in between the head and the casing - to give a little "bite" to ensure good electrical continuity).
  • At the loom end, these were all brought together into the (insulated Lucar) terminals I used to connect to the tail loom (the earths were black wires in my loom).
  • Similar process at the front end.

All fired up on the first flick of the switch and continue to do so to this day.


I was expecting to have to do this with any body mounted electrical item so, despite it not being specifically mentioned, I did not see this as any drama.



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Thanks Simon, just confirms what I thought, although I wasn't sure if the loom had an earth wire to the back in view of the lack of an earth wire on the light units themselves. Must admit that I haven't had a good look at the rear sub-loom yet, as I only fished out the tail light units and the rear sub-loom yesterday, and din't do any work on the car yesterday.

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