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Introduction - New Sponsor - KIMO Instruments

KIMO Instruments UK

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You may have noticed our banner appear on the forum.


So here is a quick intro about us and the reasons we are here. 


Why we are here:


Simple .. I  have owned and built various Westfields for 25 years and compete in the Speed series.  So becoming a sponsor is a way of giving a bit back.  Also I am aware that many of the members work in industries and companies that will use instruments such as ours ..  so hopefully we get a few orders to atleast cover the marketing costs.


What we do:


KIMO is a French manufacturer that specialises in high end calibrated instruments. If you remember back to your student days lots of the airflow measurement pioneers were French.  We are their UK stockist and distributor.

Our main area of expertise is air parameters ... so temperature, pressure, air flow, humidity, light, sound. We also offer combustion gas analysers.  We cover most of the parameters with portables, loggers, sensors, transmitters and large monitoring acquisition systems.  Most of our customers work in Facilities Management, Ventilation, HVAC, Cleanrooms, Food storage, warehousing and Asbestos.


You can see our general catalogue below.




An offer:


If you need any help or advice measuring any of the above please don't hesitate to give us a call.  Mention WSCC and you will automatically get a minimum 10% discount. If you spend more than £250 + VAT with your first purchase then we will give you a free KIRAY50 Infrared thermometer.





01732 782 688


c310 2

thermocouple type K temperature probes 56242

liquid column manometers 56241


kistock main

tk112 gauche

lv110 droite 2



chaudiere Co






ATT300 face

sensocon S2000

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  • 5 months later...

Almost the end of our first sponsorship year.  Thank you for the orders and enquiries to date.


A bump to remind others to please contact us with any instrument or air measuring needs.





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