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Removing Headlight Covers


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Have standard 5 3/4 black headlights circa 2004.


I need to get inside to attempt to clean  a cloudy lens. The screw on the top is obvious, but once this is undone the cover does not want to come off. There is another lug on the underside, but this looks as though fixed in place and is preventing to cover from being removed.


What is the technique for removing the covers ? I was beginning to think it may be brute force, but I thought I'd check here first before I break something else.



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With the screw removed it should just pop out first where the screw was. Well thats how i got mine off. They can be a bit tight and I bet yours will be after 11 years.

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They can be a real pain on one side and easy as you like on the other. Remove the screw then just push gently to prise apart. I use a screwdriver with tape on the end to not scratch it. .sometimes it can help to get someone else to squeeze the headlamp body a little to release the pressure and pop it off !

Once you release it at the top it should fall forwards and allow you to lift it out from the retaining lug at the bottom.

Be careful with your fingers if the screwdriver slips.....

Good luck

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