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Electric reverse Kit and sprockets

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We now have available for the BEC a sprocket that mounts in between the prop shaft and diff input shaft if you are looking to convert to a electric reverse on a bike engine car,


sprocket link



Or we can supply a full kit as well including, motor,sprocket,and wiring kit with button,


kit link



Thanks and any questions we are happy to help



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Looks like a nice kit and well done for getting something like this to market - it's about time.


I do wonder though whether it would work at all on a Westfield chassis (I assume this is an MK or Locost in the photos?). I have a reverse motor setup on my Westfield and the space down by the diff flange and prop is incredibly tight. We had to go for an axial reduction gear motor to be able to fit underneath the prop, but still above the chassis floor. There is no room whatsoever in the sides unless you wanted it in the passenger side without a passenger seat. Or there is an option to have it poking out the top of the tunnel, potentially in the way of elbows and looking a bit ugly. Otherwise you're looking at mounting the setup the other end at the engine, which I wasn't keen on.


Still great though if it works for some Seven kits - just wanted to share my (Westfield specific) experience on the subject as I've recently had to go through the pain of this setup on my chassis.



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This one is actually fitted to a spire gtr,


We welcome all feed back and if you have any pictures of the set up I would love to see them,


and yes you are correct some kit cars have more room in the tunnel area than others like MK or locost/haynes


Thanks again 



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