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Zetec remote oil filter - parts & install


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I've just finished my install of a remote oil filter on my Zetec, and thought I'd share what I'd done as it took me a while to track down parts lists and location ideas from various threads here and on other forums.


I decided to relocate the filter so that it remains quite close to the original position - to minimise oil line length whilst also making it easily accessible during oil changes (as it is now located just above the sump plug on my Raceline sump).  I made up a mounting bracket with some flat alloy plate, and used some spare existing bolt holes on the block to mount it.





The take off plate now clears the steering column quite well - and certainly much better than when the oil filter was located there!





I sourced the parts from a combination of Think Auto and Rally Design (choosing whichever gave me the cheapest option).  I used the following:

1x RFH3B  (Remote filter head)

2x MMS10-8-8  (1/2" BSP to 1/2" NPTF)

2x HEFP93-8  (1/2" BSP 90-Degree for 1/2" hose)

2m FBN0800  (Socketless hose, 1/2" bore)

2x HEFP3-8 (1/2" BSP for 1/2" hose)

2x MMS3-8-8   (1/2"BSP to 1/2"BSP)

2x BS13/16  (Bonded seal 13/16" for 1/2BSP)

1x TOP01  (Take off plate)





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Thanks dom :)

I did consider locating it on the front cross member, or similar. Not much to choose between, I guess :)

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