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***SOLD*** 2001 Westfield SEW - 1700cc Crossflow - Caged


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2001 Westfield SEW - 1700cc Crossflow

Sold and gone!

Westfield Chrome Yellow


711M Block bored and honed to 1700cc
Piper BP285 “Ultimate road” Cam
1300 AE pistons high compression Type 18647
Vulcan maxiflow 2 Head, ported and for oversize seats and valves (inlet 41.3mm, outlet 34.9mm)
Brise high torque starter motor

Double value spring and cap set
Twin Webber
Burton power FP201A high pressure oil pump
Burton Power FP280A aluminium breather / catch tank
Cast aluminium baffled sump
Aldon automotive non-vac-advance mag-trigger distributor(103FXYS)
Lumenitium leads
Toothed belt water-pump and alternator drive
Gell lightweight battery
Ford RS Mexico English Axle Diff Ratio 3.89:1 w/ 9” drums
​Spax shocks

Type 9 - 5 Speed box

Momo Mod.27 290mm steering Wheel
Rapfix Quick Release self centre hub

Plays Kool - Lightweight Full Cage (Fitted by Plays Kool)
CarbonMods Carbon wheel arch protectors
Rear high break-light

Titon 5 point harness (crotch strap not fitted but supplied)
Westfield race seats

Full folder of every (and I mean every) receipt for the cars life.

Covercraft cover under which it is always stored when garaged.


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