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My Journey to Nodiz


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This car is my 1st Westfield - so had no experience of how things should feel or what performance to expect. :westy:


It turns out that the 2.0 Zetec hasn't run properly since getting it, on its original engine, it always was pretty nippy, but ran on 3 (I now know), after replacing the engine last summer - the car ran a lot better (on 4 cylinders) but coughed and spluttered on uptake, and wasn't a fan of WOT.


I found that the megajolt map loaded to the car was a turbo one, so swapped it out for a 'safe' zetec one by ATSPEED.


The the ZX9 carbs were stripped, cleaned, adjusted and rebuilt the ZX9 carbs with new parts where necessary as the symptoms gave me a 'fuely' feeling.


I got a fuel regulator with a pressure gauge built in and checked that I had reasonable pressure.


To be honest the car ran slightly better with each change, and at least it now ran on 4 cylinders. but not cleanly especially at WOT.


So in a burst of desperation I switched my attention to the ignition system and got the lot.


I picked up a Nodiz with terminated loom, coil pack, and Cosworth MAP sensor from Motorsport Electronics - Taking advantage of an awesome discount offer on Locostbuilders along with a beefy set of leads from a guy that makes them to order on eBay.


This weekend I got all of this stuff fitted along with the chester sports cars map (loaded via bluetooth) - available on the Motorsport Electronics website, The car started 1st time and WOW.


The engine now pulls like crazy - and I flipping love it, and It feels so good that I got there in the end.


I guess that what i'm sharing here is;

  • A newbie diary, with hints for others 
  • A review for the NODIZ Pro - which I recommend fully - so much less wire snaking about and lovely quality.
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Just in time for spring! :)  Congrats!




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Seconded on the nodiz.   Fitted one to my redtop late last year when I really could not be a****d spending any more time on the distributor setup, and it too went first time. 


I didn't have the MAP sensor at the time so fitting that to my dellorto setup is a job for the next few weeks.



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Hey Gary


The MAP sensor is a breeze, get the Cosworth one and choose it in the software, it automatically knows real Pressure rather than a range of 0-255.


top tip = I used one of THESE too.

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I also have nodiz using tps rather than map fantastic support from Matt and cracking piece of kit


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi all. I too very much liked the look of the Nodiz Pro and had intended to purchase one with the zetec loom so i could just plug and play when i connected it to my 1.8 with zx9r carbs (which already has TPS).

However.... Today i noticed while looking on ebay that i can see no sign of them, and also when i tried to connect to the Nodiz forum it was not having any of it!

Does anyone know if they are still trading? I did notice there were some not so good reviews regarding reliability. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Cool thanks. Are you happy with your Nodiz ECU?

Also are there any advantages over MAP compared to the TPS? and will i definately need to cut by bonnet? Sorry for all the questions at once.

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Yeah it's great

Connecting to it via Bluetooth with my Mac was a bit of a pain when running win10 in a vm - but if you have a windows native laptop you should be fine.

There is a lot less wire knocking about compared with the megajolt and edis - I went with map because my bike carbs are old and my manifold is already drilled to accept the feeds - whatever you choose should work just fine.

My bonnet is cut for the bike carbs only and if you leave off the filter they will fit under a standard bonnet - it really does run a treat now

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