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Andy Banks

Stoneleigh 2015 General Information


Show Dates: Sunday 3rd & 4th May 2015


Set-Up Day: Saturday 2nd May 2015



This is an “INFORMATION ONLY” thread which will remain locked but we will be updating as necessary



May Day Bank Holiday heralds in the National Kit Car Show (http://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk/Stoneleigh_Show_2015.pdf) at Stoneleigh Showground and the Club needs YOUR help.


Your show organisers this year are:


  • Andy Banks aka “Andacami” – General and escalation point
  • Ian Tolfree aka “Tolf” – Marquee & BBQ
  • Marcus Saich aka “Midlife Crisis” – Hall2


Below is a “what’s on” for the WSCC at Stoneleigh in 2015 as a bit of an appetite whetter.


1 Exterior Club Stand


The following activities will take place on the exterior club stand.


  • Westfield Avenue
  • Member Autojumble
  • Membership services
  • Our all new merchandise
  • Snack bar
  • AO display
  • Members drop off area (helmets, coats and bags that you don’t want to carry around all day)
  • Live boardroom linkup
  • Evening Grill / BBQ  / Sounds (with some beer/food supplied by the WSCC for club members)
  • Cars for Sale paddock


As in previous years we’ll have a marquee enclosure and the helpers have first dibbs as displaying their cars here.


Manning the exterior stand.


Feedback from Members has pointed to the fact that people are unwilling to do more than two hours at a stretch on the club stands and this is fine as long as we have the numbers. The more volunteers the less we’ll all have to do.


As in previous years we have a people requirement of about 20 per day to run all the various activities. This number allows us not to commit the helpers to any more than two hour stints on the exterior club stand.


Exterior Parking


We’ll have parking marshals to help you create Westfield Avenue and direct you into the marquee or additional display area. If you have a car for sale, please tell the marshals and they will direct you to cars for sale area.


When you arrive to park up we ask that you follow the parking marshals directions as co-ordinating the placement of 150+ Westfields on the stand can be a little like heading cats.


2 Interior Club stands


This year we have an additional stand in hall 2 directly opposite the usual stand on the back wall.


Interior Club Stand One, Sponsors and Competition Cars (back wall)


  • Displays by the WSCC sponsors
    • Plays Kool
    • NMS
    • Aerodynamix
  • Display of competition cars


Interior Club Stand Two Club Members Car Display (opposite stand one)


On the additional stand we are planning to put on a display of interesting and clean Westfields. We’d like to have on display some of the defining models from the Factories production so far if possible.


We intend to make this a walk around display so that the public can interact with the cars and their owners. To make this work we will need the owners of the cars as well as additional helpers to man the stand and chat to the general public about the WSCC and the Westfield Marque.


This is a very new thing for us to do and somewhat risky as last year proved so if you can provide a suitable and your time let us know now please.


Manning the interior stands.


Our competition sponsors will no doubt staff themselves over the Sunday and Monday on interior Stand One as ever but we would like to compliment the Speed Series Sponsors with a couple of competition cars from across the various classes that these cars compete in. We would hope that the owners of these cars would be on hand whilst their cars are on display to chat to the public about the competition side of the WSCC.


3 Camping


  • Camping is available to show volunteers only
  • Electricity hook-ups available
  • You will only be able to camp if you have a wristband


Please note that the camping area is available for WSCC volunteer members only to use over the show weekend. Camping will be roped off and monitored by WSCC Members AND Stoneleigh security this year.


4 WSCC Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The club’s AGM will be held on Sunday 2nd May at 17:30. The venue for the AGM will be the WSCC marquee.


We will be providing additional chairs for those members who wish to sit for the meeting and will be asking all non WSCC members to vacate the marquee prior to the AGM.


Please also keep all exterior noise down whilst the AGM is underway.


5 Sunday WSCC Members BBQ and Social.


As per previous years we will be holding a BBQ for WSCC members and invited guests and will be providing food and beer. We have scheduled the BBQ in straight after the AGM in the hope that the attendees of the AGM will stay on the BBQ if they are not camping over already.


We will gladly BBQ food that members bring along in addition to the food we are supplying.


6 People – most important


In order for us to run the above activities we have the following people requirements.


Bearing in mind that we have the additional interior stand it’s vital this year that we have sufficient people to breathe life into the plans and make it all work.


What’s in it for ME…?


All volunteers will get Tea & Coffee throughout your stint, T-Shirt, name badge, evening BBQ, camping, and the love and respect of your fellow Members.


Setup & breakdown teams’ interior / exterior stands for Saturday & Monday


We need at least 12 people to setup the interior and exterior stands; Saturday from 10:00 to about 17:00 and we will be firing up the BBQ at about 18:00 to feed the helpers. Monday afternoon to break it all down again from about 16:00 (we are normally away by 17:30).


7 Passes & Wristbands


All volunteers will be issued with a wristband which will entitle you to come and go as you see fit and camp in the WSCC camping area.


If you do not have a wristband, you will be subject to the normal terms and conditions of the show e.g. payment on entry, chargeable camping in the public camping area, etc.


Therefore it is vitally important that you record and confirm all the volunteer information requested.


8 Car Data Sheets


If you are bringing your Westfield to the show we will be providing a downloadable Car Data Sheet for you to download, fill in and attach to your car. This will allow members of the public that are interested in the marque to look over the cars and understand what they are seeing.


9 I Want To Help. What’s next…?


Please have a good think about what you are committing to. There are two separate threads pinned in this section that pertain to volunteering for the interior and exterior stands. They are:


10 Important Points Reminder


  • No freebies unless you have a wristband
  • Full details required (they will be confirmed with you)
  • Volunteers only for free Club camping
  • All display cars (Hall 2 and in the Marquee) should be free from overt advertising of non WSCC traders and Sponsors
  • Show dates 3rd and 4th May 2015
  • Set-up Saturday 2nd May 2015
  • Further info: stoneleigh@wscc.co.uk


Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon…

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