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Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary


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The road wheels came back from being painted today. I know coloured bands might not be to everyone's taste, but I just felt it needed it to break up the black a little...






I like 'em, but as said before, I want to source some 10" rears for the road, these 8" seem lost in the arches now!

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Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight an

The road wheels came back from being painted today. I know coloured bands might not be to everyone's taste, but I just felt it needed it to break up the black a little...       I like 'em, but

Well, finally accomplished what we set out to (initially) do. Fastest 2WD on the island. At the drags yesterday recorded a 7.3s pass (1/8th mile), taking the 2WD record. Not without it's ups and downs

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And yes, finally started on the wiring, all be it minorly - cut the dash and began to mount a few dials.


Starting with this, which had a broken switch, a bunch of missing switches, a mix of switches and missing LEDs it was time to get to work.




I'm sticking with the simple traditional layout for now - RPM/speed in front of you, three main dials in the centre. Will figure out mounting of switches later. I'm going to move the a/f and fuel pressure to the centre/tunnel console I'll make up, along with the circuit breakers and boost control. Haven't finalised the layout completely in my mind yet, but at least enough to be getting on with...


Using the old dash as a template, as it followed this (just had the a/f clearly added on later), the MOG/Westermann dash doesn't have the 'ears' on the end, but I'll figure something for that later - no pesky SVA to have to deal with here!








So, in place, now starts the wire sorting in earnest. Been dreading this from the start. Was really hoping to find a loom guy to rip out the car loom and start from scratch, but no choice but to dive in and try and sort/tidy it. This could be a while...

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Other jobs finished these last two days, just simple stuff... :-

  • rivetted back of bodywork on
  • driver's seat in and sliding (adjustable runners)
  • headlights cleaned up, resprayed and test fitted (one of them is missing the bulbs/mechanism, also need to source front indicators)
  • bonnet clips painted and on (although missing two of the top clips, likely have to make them from scratch as you can't get them here)
  • shift lever painted, will fit a nylon knob to that, not a fan of the silver Westfield one
  • cage bolts painted (I just can't help myself at this point)
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Loving the green and black look  :yes:


That bright day glow green was the other colour I was thinking of going with mine but ended up being talked out of it and went with white :down:


Looking at yours I wish I'd have stuck to the original plan  :cry:

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Geoffrey Carter (Buttercup)

I also love the colours.


Is there any chance of a picture showing the full side of the car please.

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This is one awesome rebuild, absolutely right up my street! I also did my own rear arches with number plate bolts and weakened them all with a hacksaw to make sure they would break easily. I think your car is crying out for a nice flared side panel too!

Incidentally I am visiting barbados in a few weeks on holiday with the wife, is there any Motorsport on the week of 15-21 March?

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Will grab a full side photo tomorrow...


Do you have a photo of that flared side panel on yours you can post for reference?


There's a ton of motorsport but you need to extend by a day either side!




Rally on the 14th and trackday on the 22nd (which I plan on doing!).

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Ah goodness me. Typical! Doing a track day myself on 22nd back home, straight from the airport to the track.

I don't have a good pic of the whole car back together in one piece but this will give you an idea, the back edge is cut to follow the same line as the bonnet/scuttle, looks great with the bonnet in place


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I can always see if there is an open day during the week and try and blag something...it's really worth seeing the new track, it's a great facility.


That line (of the scuttle) is the cut I'm considering if I need to, but would probably just flare out the existing body piece rather than go carbon or black. I'll see how temps go, I'd like to try and retain the 'normal' lines as much as possible.

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Some updates... cut the grills for the bonnet. Created a blank template on a piece of wood, cut the shape, cut the mesh, pushed the male into the female and got the curve I wanted (I just prefer it when there is a slight curve to the mesh taking up the gap rather than the basic flat underneath - something the legendary Mr Cooper showed me)...






Still have to do this for the nosecone, just that one's a little trickier!

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Mounted the dials in the dash along with the switches. I went for as simple/spartan layout as possible on the main dash with the normal/traditional dials, symmetrical toggle switches (extra one you see on the right is the indicator behind the steering wheel) and reused some of the circuit breakers from the rally car. Love those things, just so handy, can even use them as switches in an emergency (we used to run dual/redundant fuel pumps so if an issue just pull one breaker out, push the other in and on you go - barely seconds lost on a stage).


I also moved the odd dials to a centre console set back under the dash a bit (can see it perfectly when seated). They just looked odd on the dash due to different sizes... (centre console just resting there currently while wiring is trying to be finished).




Will be replacing the lone VDO gauge next week when someone brings in a matching TIM, but ultimately would like to Stack the lot...

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Finished off the scuttle panel, with detachable footwell panel. That's all rivnutted on for easy access/removal.




Ordered the carbon Aerodynamix plate for there juuuust as they took their break, so will have to wait for that and in the meantime see how the gap that's there gets on with scrutineering, worst case, some tape, Sikaflex and make a nice seal.

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And so still attacking the wiring. I hate this crap. Some of the wiring was removed (lights/indicators/etc) so we're having to jib that as best we can for now - just can't find any decent connectors anywhere on the island. Was lucky enough that the Land Rover place stocks the indicators so got them, clear lenses and amber bulbs, but no connector/socket for them - so having to do things short-term like solder directly on to the pins - euch. Will have the proper connectors delivered by the next visitor in a month or so but for now, just trying to get it all together for the first event. Long-term, I'll still want a new car loom in this.


Other jobs crossed off :-

  • 1st extinguisher mounted
  • 4th roll cage bolts sourced and fitted (only had 3 fitted for some reason on the rear plates)
  • final rivnuts/etc in boot panel
  • corrected the steering boss quick/release angle
  • tightened up the fuel tank straps (had a bit of movement)
  • mounted indicator pods, indicator lenses/lights and lights themselves
  • corrected hydraulic handbrake plumbing (whoops! *hangs head in shame*)
  • measured and slotted cycle wings for wingstays, temporarily affixed bolts on underside for affixing in place (no visible screws)
  • split main +ive from battery under scuttle so can fit Anderson booster jumper in passenger side (using battery cut-off driver side)
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Incidentally I am visiting barbados in a few weeks on holiday with the wife, is there any Motorsport on the week of 15-21 March?


First rally of the year is a double header (sprint really) on the 15th of March, depending on what time you land, you might be able to catch it (should be good!).

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