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Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary


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I'm in two minds to be honest, it was there before and so presumably cut for a reason (the airbox doesn't rub/protrude from the bonnet). I've now fully enclosed the floor (just prefer it for aerodynamics - although the engine piece is rivnutted incase it needs to be removed) which is going to worsen cooling/expelling air to a degree.


I was considering flaring out the sides, realistically only one side can be flared out mind you, the other side is already pretty much 50% open due to huge gap for turbo/manifold. I may just suck it and see, run without the hole initially, if cooling issues, debate whether to flare out or cut a big hole in the top...


I guess ideally I'd like to see some photos of existing flare side panels, that may help decide :)

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Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight an

The road wheels came back from being painted today. I know coloured bands might not be to everyone's taste, but I just felt it needed it to break up the black a little...       I like 'em, but

Well, finally accomplished what we set out to (initially) do. Fastest 2WD on the island. At the drags yesterday recorded a 7.3s pass (1/8th mile), taking the 2WD record. Not without it's ups and downs

Posted Images




Much more like it! Happy with this one, perhaps (in sunlight) a slight greener tinge to it than JPE yellow but either way, sufficiently popping and loud for my liking. Body and rest of panels should be finished next week so best get a move on with the panelling...



The flies and bugs are going to love this, Chrome yellow is their favourite over here. :yellow-westy:

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Hmm, the side vents look decent, but wasn't the route I had in mind. I was thinking just cut the actual main body in the same line down as the scuttle angle and then open out an inch or so, mesh and let it out that way...


As for the bugs, we don't really get greenflies swarming over yellow cars here Sooty :)

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Bl##dy hell G, welcome back, had to stop lurking and say hi. I thought your carbon car was amazing. This one looking pretty good too!

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Another solid day of progress...


Got the rear arches on, required a little Dremmelling to open out the dowels/holes thanks to repair/paint/etc. Only plastic nut/bolts I could find out here were number plate bolts, have to see if they're sufficient!




I'll order up some wide rear carbon arch protectors but they won't be here until next visitor in April/May so in the meantime these will have to do...






Rivnutted the main engine bay floor on and the front piece, including battery 'box'.






Just got to make the strap to hold it in place.


Made a high-tech template for the bootbox, endeavouring to get it in a tight-fitting one-piece rather than the previous three-piece aluminium that was on there.




Ricky (friend helping) straightened the intercooler (offset angle of it was annoying me on a front view of the car) so it now sits level and amazingly/luckily/purposefully the nose can now go on/off with the intercooler in place - so that problem solved itself... body all rivetted on...

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I've put it off long enough, time to make the dash blank and attack the wiring this week. Nearly every other job is done. *groan* Ho well, here goes nothing...


But, but, but... in the meantime, road wheels off to go get painted (gloss black with yellow/green band) and test fitted the 10" rears. Oh my, they're rather nice on there. Think I'll have to buy 10" road rubber as they look so damn good filling the arches, the 8" rears now look lost in there when you put them on. However, currently only have 2x splits for the rears, need to get a pair of matching fronts, can anyone help ID these wheels? (my guess is Compomotive split rims?)






Edit: I'm thinking these might be Revolution split rims... does anyone know if/where you can still get hold of these?

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here I was worried they'd tell me to feck off and buy new ones!



Still can't believe the wing looks like that, it was proper wrecked!



So you gave them a nice easy colour to paint the wrecked arches - gloss black  :laugh:


A bit late now, but look at RAL 1026 - Reflex Yellow. I nearly painted my old BEC in this colour, but the colour fade worried me.

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More work, every day... the rear lights were carbon effect. Only thing I hate more than carbon effect is effin chequer plate. So they had to go. Well, when I say go, you can't exactly source new ones here, so stripped, clean, painted...








Only problem is, they've had the indicator mount/bulbs/etc stripped out of them, presumably in the name of weight saving for the track, so now have to try and source/rig something up for that!

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Finished off the bootbox, got it as tight as I could manage, upshot is it's all one piece rather than the 3 piece before. I used 2mm thick carbon which had a tiny bit of flex (helpful in taking it in/out), so cut three 3mm thick carbon ribs and glued them to the underside to ensure no flex at all (longitudinally) so as to provide a sturdy rum drinking platform for after-event soaking.



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The ECU was already neatly placed on a hinged plate under the dash, above the passenger's knees. However, it was aluminium, sooo....






Once I've started, I can 't stop...

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