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Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary


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Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight an

The road wheels came back from being painted today. I know coloured bands might not be to everyone's taste, but I just felt it needed it to break up the black a little...       I like 'em, but

Well, finally accomplished what we set out to (initially) do. Fastest 2WD on the island. At the drags yesterday recorded a 7.3s pass (1/8th mile), taking the 2WD record. Not without it's ups and downs

Posted Images

Hope to have it all back together within 3 weeks. About the only hiccup I see right now is the car loom. The engine loom is great (SBD Motorsport item) but the car loom has had a number of additions/hacks from it's early days and wanders here and there and not really the level I'd like - having been previously spoilt with a Derek Hodder/EEC custom loom, and then seeing it's benefits when I had to do a front-end rebuild, I would like that same level again.


Only problem is the two motorsport level wiring guys on the island have decided looms are too much grief and no longer do them!


So, unless Mr Hodder (or someone of his level) fancies a fully paid busmans holiday in the sunshine I think I'll have to see if I can enlist fellow WSCC member Dan Johnson onto the job (he joined us out here on our second visit in 2003 as mechanic help and has been coming out yearly (or more!) for holidays and visits ever since)...

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Yup, indicator pods in the middle, then chassis rail protector, then sill protector. Probably hit up for some carbon headlights at some point, but not in the budget this run, so will just settle for the pods!

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This weekend, I have mostly been... back and forth to the paint shop and paint mixer.


Trying to get the exact colour hasn't been as straight-forward as you'd think. Fairly decent bodywork/paint men here and Automotive Art mix/make up paint to your spec. However, there is no colour code/mixture out there I can find for JPE yellow, so it was done more by eye.


Their first go, well, wasn't really close tbh :-




Way too light, soft and green. No flouro about it, so this time I went up and tried to lend an eye and we began mixing in the green/yellow.




No real surprise, this came out nice and popping but way too green again (despite paint mix guy saying it would be yellower).




So back up again, throw in buckets of yellow and get this for v3




Much more like it! Happy with this one, perhaps (in sunlight) a slight greener tinge to it than JPE yellow but either way, sufficiently popping and loud for my liking. Body and rest of panels should be finished next week so best get a move on with the panelling...



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Began the panelling today...

Step 1: mask up the carbon sheets.



Step 2: Use old panels to mark out templates, taking care to note which side you want as the nice shiny side





Back panel has molded curves



Step 3: jigsaw upside down in a vice for a pikey bandsaw.



Step 4: Finish with drill/Dremel, place on car and curse at small imperfections and lack of own skilled workmanship...



Anyways, close enough, all internal panels cut, going to need some better drill bits before I attempt mounting all this, and with no air rivet gun lawd, this is going to be a painful manual process!


Still trying to figure out the best way to get all the extinguishers in (need that capacity to pass scrutineering regs - one little handheld isn't enough), likely do the small handheld sideways under drivers legs, would like to put the larger plumbed in one sideways under passenger legs but it's juuuust too wide. Might cut/split the interior panel and move it to the inside of the tunnel for one section to make the room as I really don't wish to have to place it longitudinally between the passengers legs... time to think on that one tomorrow.


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Back on it with a vengeance now... first event 4 weeks away, will be tight but going to give it a go.


Fuel lines replaced braided/aero all the way to the back, including low pressure side now. Had various fittings/connectors left over from the Evo so thankfully not too expensive to sort out. Even had the pleasure of Andy Lyall hand delivering the inline Goodridge filter... neat little thing those.




Also redid a section of the brake line to accomodate the hydraulic handbrake, mounted that up on a carbon plate and got it all in place (just need to buy some nuts/bolts tomorrow to bolt it all up).




Started the carbon panelling, got in most of the driver side, back panel, etc.





Got the two seat belt posts off, eventually. That was a right royal pain...


Bodywork to pick up tomorrow, so have to go into overdrive these next two days to finish the panelling. Given the weak Euro, said 'screw it' and ordered the contoured, two-teir diffuser for the back, hope to have whole lot back together by the coming weekend, and then comes the hell job - time to tidy up all the wiring and create the new dash... not looking forward to that bit but given lack of loom person, going to have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

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Another busy couple of days.


Finished off the fuel system low pressure side (high pressure side completed earlier). Didn't aeroquip it, just finishers and braided for now with a few relocations here and there finished off mounted on a carbon plate. May try and find some form of dual pump redundancy like we had in the rally car at a later date so I wanted the room to mount another pump should I need to.




Bodywork is all back now, my word it's bright! Hell, it's what I wanted... also have to say they've done a bl**** fantastic job, the wings are like new, here I was worried they'd tell me to feck off and buy new ones!


There are excellent bodywork and paint men in the Caribbean, I guess they're so used to rescuing wrecked/written off cars, I've seen them bring back wrecks that wouldn't even be fit for scrap... it's cheaper to import half cuts/broken cars than full working ones so there's a whole industry putting them back together...either way, one happy customer.


Anyways, I note the odd body gap on the rear wings, so dowels/guides will need opening out a fraction. Got hold of some plastic nut/bolts today to mount the rear wings (not using metal, will use plastic so if they're hit, the wings fly off and snap the bolts rather than take a section of bodywork with them...). Ultimately I'll be chasing some wide carbon rear arches, just need to find a source...



Still can't believe the wing looks like that, it was proper wrecked!


Figured out why the nose was split at the top (engine side), it's impossible to get it round the intercooler otherwise! Not wanting to split the nose again though, will have to have a think and find a solution for that...not really wanting to have to remove the intercooler each time I want to take the nose off...




Interior panelling pretty much complete. Got the tunnel floor panel to put in (going completely flat bottomed front-back) and rivnutting the engine bay floor so it can be removed...rest of the panels with exception of tunnel front and scuttle (waiting to attack the wiring before attempting them).



Getting there, still *trying* for completion three weeks from now but it's going to be tight. In other news, I think I have a problem, I ordered these...



At which point do you seek help for an addiction? :S

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Young Pretender

Colour looks very nice indeed  :cool:


I've no idea what that last picture is.. not a cf spanner is it?  :laugh:

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As said, on it with a mission now... picked up the freshly blasted and powdercoated cage on Friday. Lovely job, looks brand new now. Just have to go about trying to get a replacement sticker... came all nicely gift-wrapped...




A few test fits in and out later it was time to bolt it up.






I really do much prefer the look/lines of the Caged cages to the earlier Custom Cages ones we had built 10+ years ago too - much nicer curves and lines not to mention they don't intrude and restrict the leg-room like the CC ones do.

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Exhaust manifold had been taken off to be wrapped so time to put that back on. Oh, and (finally) returned the (red) cam cover and turbo to black, had been bugging me for aaaages that. However, with the new carbon silencer being a larger diameter than the previous one the exhaust is going to need a slight 5-10degree bend out away from the body, so out with the acetylene torch to try and get that bent... to no avail... will have to come off and the whole lot go to the exhaust people here to be properly set and bent I think...



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Starting to think about what to do with the bonnet vent we had covered up (was previously just a large rectangle). Will need to open something up to help with the cooling, was thinking of just copy the ratio/dimensions of the existing triangle vents, reversing it and doubling in size. Something like the following Photoshop...




Of course, all the vents will be grilled/meshed in. This is just a Photoshop mock up. Not sure what else would work, tried multiple small ones, just looks like insect eyes and nasty...

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Young Pretender

Is a hole strictly necessary up there - wouldn't flared side panels help get some of that heat away from the turbo?

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