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Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary


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So, onto the next event. We were doing a drag demo at the Barbados Festival of Speed. I had taken delivery of some new Mickey Thompson drag tyres - no point messing around on road tyres or ancient F3 slicks when everyone I'm up against is on proper rubber, so I took the plunge...




New to these type of tyres, just trying to run them as low as humanly possible, so started out with them at 9psi. Traction on the car is either on or off, set by a laptop so no tyre warming yet - I need to find out how to set a cancel traction button to allow that...

At that point of the day the stakes were massive - the winner of the drag run offs would get to do a drag against Lewis Hamilton in his championship winning F1 car (from 2013, the last of the V8s) in front of the 10,000+ strong crowd. Not many chances in life to do things like that!


I was lined up against the 4WD drag Evo of Matthew DMZ Forde. A solid, consistent, reliable 6s car (1/8th mile), way north of 600bhp, to this point, the best my car had done was a 7.8, so on paper, no hope... but I hadn't had a clean run yet, so who knows. The run went like :-



As you can see, a lot closer than I expected. Datalogging showed my run about 7.1/7.2s, not helped with a small sprinkle of rain on the track just before the run. Given the time it takes the traction control to kick in 1st gear a lot more work is required on the tyre pressures and on the launch to traction handover, but either way, a huge leap. I may even get to hit 6s in this car before long. Current 2WD 1/8th record is 7.4, so hopefully should smash that next event too. At least until Dan's Westfield and it's 1000ft/lbs of torque comes along in July...


In the end, it poured with rain just after our run so Hamilton went out on his own in the wet to do his final demo.


Having an occasional missed shift 4-5th, going to try the shift star and detent arm first from http://www.factorypro.com/. Hoping it's not the gearbox on it's way out, will try the shift star before having to go that route though, also getting turbo itch, might have to get the tuner to bring in an upgrade, I like the sound of pushing to 500bhp, especially with this thing Dan is working on... the next event is in 3 weeks, time to see if I can finally grab that 2WD record!


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Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight an

The road wheels came back from being painted today. I know coloured bands might not be to everyone's taste, but I just felt it needed it to break up the black a little...       I like 'em, but

Well, finally accomplished what we set out to (initially) do. Fastest 2WD on the island. At the drags yesterday recorded a 7.3s pass (1/8th mile), taking the 2WD record. Not without it's ups and downs

Posted Images

I've enjoyed reading the updates, with their up's and down's, that is a seriously quick Westfield  :yes:





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Well, finally accomplished what we set out to (initially) do. Fastest 2WD on the island. At the drags yesterday recorded a 7.3s pass (1/8th mile), taking the 2WD record. Not without it's ups and downs, the launch control was intermittent all day - the little clutch switch supplied with it's bent piece of metal for the microswitch just doesn't cut it, I think I need to replace that with something more substantial. Either way, the two 7.3s passes were recorded without the launch control arming which bodes for more to come.



I had been examining the run at the Festival of Speed and was adamant that the traction control wasn't kicking in in a timely fashion, on going through the parameters in the ECU I found a setting where LC was meant to handover to TC only if a certain percentage difference between measured and calculated wheelspeed was met, it was set to 10%. Didn't seem right. An email to SBD later and yup, it should be 300%... This rectified, traction is kicking in earlier now, but I still don't believe early enough so further investigation is still required.


Spent the day trying to figure out the drag slicks, ran as low as 6.5psi at one point, but the best runs came around the 10psi mark, I need to break out the tyre pyrometer and really get those pressures spot on. Similarly, for the camber I'm going to put about 0.25 positive for drags to get them fully level on squat. Final one is it's time for a line lock (looking to the Hurst electrical roll control for that) so as to get some tyre temps prior to running.


Next event in 4 weeks, hopefully lower by another few tenths, not sure if 6s are in the current setup but will damn well get as close as possible.

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Been away from this one for a while with the focus on the MegaWatt build... so, to catch up a little.


The gearbox in the car was always a little loose, generally missing the 4-5th flatshift on the paddles, enough was enough so out it came. On inspection there was a lot of dog wear, quite well abused/used. I looked at Elite, Nova, but in the end I bought a new fully built box from Cloud Nine Motorsports, I can't recommend them enough amazing service. The box was undercut/race cut with the heavy duty output shaft.






Along with the fresh gearbox, I took the opportunity to put in the Factory Pro stage 1 (Microbearing Detent Arm) and stage 2 (shift star) shift upgrades. I will happily state that this is the worst company I have dealt with in my years in motorsport (FactoryPro). Awful service. Zero communication, consistent bulls***. I am actually still waiting for the half the order I placed with them (and paid for) in April (I have since ordered from someone else who had the stock). They even went so far as to dupe a PayPal case and I am going to presume I've lost the money spent on the second part of the order. A shower of ****.


Which is a crying shame, as the product is excellent! /irony


So yes, by all means, I can recommend the kit, just not from them - buy it, but buy it from someone else/elsewhere who have it in stock!

Anyways, with these components purchased and installed the gearshift is transformed. Razor sharp, all the slop and slack has gone, the whole shift is sped up when using it manually. 4-5th on the paddles is perfect. Remains to be seen if any time is to be saved from these upgrades on the drag strip but for road use it was a massive difference.

One slight worry was on head inspection I found a cracked stud nut - the engine has the APE stud kit and one nut was just split in three... lucky catch!


Other minor jobs completed :-


 - SmartyCam (v1) installed and linked to logger (great system, just need the v2 really as the 480P quality is too low these days, but a useful auto 'dash' cam nonetheless)

 - All dash/tunnel/boot panel bolts exchanged for lighter weight (and rustproof!) dome heads

 - harnesses clips changed to eyelets (the rattling of the clips just got on my nerves)

 - fitted Hurst roll control (solenoid line lock) and hooked up to the steering wheel remote so can do some burnouts and get heat into the drag slicks.

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So now we're just waiting for the MegaWatt to get licensed/insured and the charger to return for it so we can go testing in anger. The next event is on the 30th October, a big one - the last of the year. The two cars will be going head to head, combustion vs electric, fire vs lightning. So we took the opportunity to grab some shots at the car show over the weekend...










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Next for me, looking to swap the front brakes out, move to lightened solid discs and save some weight, likely FFord or AllBike discs with midilite calipers.


Also looking at the range of AliCool radiator/intercooler combos to remove the top mount intercooler and clean up the car lines (along with hard piping all intercooler lines at the same time).


Hopefully redo the loom in the upcoming weeks so it's cleaner, reliable and a lot lighter (Dan brought in all the necessary wire/parts).


Car has some drivetrain lash, need to see if I'm already on a TRT prop or if I can get that mapped out, speaking of which, still need a bit of mapping on the car but can't find anyone to do it!...


Depending what happens when the car goes up against the electric thing, I may move to 10" rear drag slicks from the 8s it's currently on (means 15" wheels on the back) and maybe up the turbo a step or two - just depends if I'm going to keep within sniffing distance of the MegaWatt or not, if not, then no point! - then it would be time to move to the track and focus on Time Attack.

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Not one to leave loose ends... so, surprisingly, the car is now sold. I was asked to take a passenger who was interested in building/buying a Westfield for a ride. I did so, he then asked how much for the car, the conversation went :-


How much will you sell for?
I won't, it's not for sale.
But if you were to sell it, how much would you?
I wouldn't.
But what would be the price?
-insert comfortable price-

Urgh. So, cue 3 months of flat-out work on the car. While I had a list of 10 things I could live with and drive around I wouldn't be happy selling the car to someone, especially someone with little experience of running one, with that list. So, further work done :-

  • new Alicool large radiator
  • new larger oil cooler
  • new crank and bearings
  • complete new loom on car
  • new LED front headlights and LED rear lights
  • finished off road mapping and race mapping by Real Street Performance
  • tuning of throttle blip
  • uprated Ricks Motorsport stator
  • uprated Ricks Motorsport regulator
  • replace all stainless switches with new along with covers
  • new HP fuel pump
  • replace race battery with one double the size, replace small starter battery with the race battery
  • uprated thermal fuse in the ProShift GCU
  • replacement gear position sensor from Penny & Giles, setup for dual output to ECU/GCU

Electrics on the car are now a dream. Pulls 13.4v+ in normal driving, 12.7v with everything on (fan/pump/high beam/etc.). Took a while to get it right, but it got there!

Similarly, the mapping is now lovely, starts on the button, idle rock solid and somewhat nearly nice to drive in traffic - purely drivetrain shunt now is the only thing which I don't think there is anyway to stop.

I ran the car for the last time (personally) at the drag racing on Sunday, did a 7.4s pass but was still tuning the gear position so the traction was a bit off. The car has a 7.1s in it but not too fussed, just happy not to damage the car for the new owner!

It feels somewhat strange to finally have a car with nothing on the todo list, available and reliable and I don't get to use it! Always the way... awesome last drive to drop it off, ended up waylaid at the petrol station for 30mins chatting with strangers about it, then asked by the police(!) to do a burnout, then popping and crackling flames and gunshot gear changes on the drive north. Oh, I'll miss it.

We'll still be involved with the car, as likely have to maintain/service it for the new owner, but for now, it's onto the next project...

Some final pics of the car as it left :-


And dropped off into it's new home...


Au revoir friend.

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I hope the pink car is not his daily driver :o

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3 minutes ago, XTR2Turbo said:

I hope the pink car is not his daily driver :o

That'd be his 6 year old daughter's MiniWatt ;)

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Revisiting this... still supporting the car for the new owner, a lot of recent work has included :-

 - retiming of the engine (105/105)
 - new dry sump pump (urgh)
 - new pressure relief valve
 - more dyno tuning work (found 10bhp more!)
 - new starter motor
As the new owner was away, I ran the car at the recent drag meet. No time improvements (car had previously done a 7.2s) but the track was even greener and slipper than usual due to being powerwashed after a paint/mud party the week before!

The car is now lighting up the drag slicks in 3rd - hairy!

So here's an incar :-

And here's a 360 incar beating a bike (move your phone/mouse around to change the view)!



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