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Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary


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Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight and a change in lbs/cc for bike engines) and spent the next few years going through the rally route of 205, RWD 205, Evo 1, 2, 3 Group N, clubman Group A, full Group A all the while sighing whenever a bike passed me on the road with that engine note or I would see photos of Westfields and Caterhams scroll by on the Facebook feed and tap my fingers.


Anyways, cue end of 2014, my Group A Evo is in a ball from Rally Barbados 2012 (tyre failure before meeting an unmoveable cliff face) and I'm feeling itchy to see some revs again. I looked to rebuild the remaining Westfield on the island (Martin Atwell's old Megabird) but after viewing it, the new owners have properly killed it and it's only really worth spares... so off to the WSCC/Pistonheads/etc. classifieds on a whim and prayer and up turns Steve Garner's turbo Busa racecar.


Mechanically perfect, pretty much the exact spec I wanted, but after a number of years of successful racing and upgrades by Steve it was in need of a bit of aesthetic love and attention. 700bhp/tonne is a good starting point as any right?


Deal done, an inter-country payment saga worthy of the old 419 scam-baiting page and the car is on a boat out to the West Indies...




Big plans, just a two-week wait while it made it's voyage...

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Will be watching this with interest.. I was poised over Steve's advert for a while but felt a wee bit intimidated in the end!  Congratulations, please keep us updated :)

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[To try and catch up a little (as a few weeks behind)... ]


I've imported a few cars to and from the island before, even my previous Westfield when we were competing in the Barbados Rally Carnival/Rally Barbados so know the quirks of the port, but importing a car permanently is a little more tricky and expensive! Duty on vehicles here can be up to 200%, so you buy your car for 10kUKP, you the have to pay another 20kUKP to bring it in, oh and VAT. And customs fees. And port fees. etc. etc..


Anyways, a number of years ago a bright spark decided it was high time to promote sport tourism in Barbados and as such most sports on the island now qualify for duty free. Including motorsport. Of which there is a ton here. It's motorsport crazy. Rally, circuit race, rallycross, rallysprint, kart, dexterity/gymkhana, autotesting, off roading, bikes, drag racing, navigational the lot. Once the season gets going in February pretty much every weekend has some form of motorsport related activity up until mid December. It's quite mind boggling.


The rebuilt track (Bushy Park) is an awesome short circuit facility, already we've had Top Gear, Race of Champions, Lewis Hamilton, Coulthard, Brundle, Solberg, Doohan, Ken Block (urgh) etc. here and more to come this year. Have a nose at :- https://www.facebook.com/BushyParkBarbados for pics/etc.


So, given the relatively simple rules of paying a fee and then guaranteeing you'll compete in the clubs events for 3 years qualifies you for duty free, so, as such, I was happy to welcome my new 'drag' car's arrival in Bridgetown. Finally ready for release on the 24th December. 4 hours before I was due on a plane back to England... this should be fun.


Long story short, many walks, pushes, signatures, begging, more walks, having to pay for 30 days storage instead of the 5 it was actually there for, workers leaving at 10.30am, further pleading and three hours later we get to push the car clear and paid out of port...




Pretty sure that's the hardest part over to be honest!


Thanks to the boat (or port) people trying to mess with the car the cut off is left on and the battery is flat so cue a hellish start-stop then tow home in Christmas Eve traffic madness and the car is put under a cover for 10 days while I'm off to the UK...surely the warmest winter layup it's had... best not blast port too much though as I'm sure I'll have other things to bring in and I don't wish to be put on a black list, so, Bridgetown Port and all their employees are simply awesome to work with, cannot do enough for you and deserve more pay and more holiday days.


That should do it...

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Are you going to be racing this year or is you doing a rebuild/upgrades first?    Hope you will post up some in car video when competing.  

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I'll have to compete in the drag events (simple 1/8th of a mile at the track and the occasional 1/4 mile road closure) to ensure the car stays qualified for duty free, I also plan to do the 'Track Attack' (basically Time Attack) events at Bushy Park, track days, might do some dexterities (think gymkhana) and maybe even autotest or two (if they don't involve reverse). I'm not being silly and planning on rallying this one mind you, would have had to go in Group B and been ballasted up a bit but I have no interest in that. I may do zero car for a sprint if the road is smooth enough... all will be filmed, got a lovely VIO POV leftover from the rallycar to fit.


Plan on trying to make my first event in March this year but all depends on arrival of parts and sourcing a loom guy - but more on that in a few posts :)

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[back on the catchup]


So followed 10 days in the UK in the freezing cold running around for 1500miles, mixing picking up parts with seeing family, made slightly easier/nicer/more fun by being loaned this whip...

What a machine, if I had the money, I'd have one tomorrow, simply joyous (and I hate Porsches normally), although not that much fun in the snow and ice of Scotland mind you.


Anyways, bags full of parts (even had to pay for an extra bag on the plane) time to return home, thankfully the flight was so full customs couldn't cope and just let everyone straight through, managed to get this beauty into the wife's bag



courtesy of Motad


And so the purchase of carbon begins... where will it end? :d


Back home and settled it was time to finally have a proper look and run-through of the machine. The starting spec is :-



  • Megabusa Chassis (Registered 2001)
  • Caged Full Race Cage
  • Widetrack Front Wishbones
  • Nitron Suspension
  • Front and Rear ARB’s
  • Westfield 4 Pot Race Calipers and Vented Discs, Sierra rear Calipers
  • AP Racing Master Cylinder
  • 3.1 Sierra LSD (Built by Road and Track about 15 Hrs ago)
  • Radtec Radiator with Swirlpot setup
  • Fuel Swirlpot (Low and High Pressure fuel pumps)
  • Extra Wide Rear Arches
  • Bailey Morris 2 Piece Propshaft (No Reverse, but turns round in her own length!)
  • Tillet Race Seat
  • TRS 6 Point Harness (Purchased April 2014)
  • Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher (Serviced April 2014)
  • Momo Suede Steering Wheel
  • Compomotive CRX Rims 7” Front 8” Rear (Plus 10” Compomotives for Slicks and various rims and Tyres included)
  • Shod with Avon ZZR’s (Done about 3 Hrs)
  • Odyssey Race Battery

Engine Specification.

  • Dyno sheet showing 310hp at just 10psi boost, 350hp in race trim.
  • Engine rebuilt including Mains, Big Ends, Piston Rings and Nicosil Replate less than 7 Hours ago
  • Bob Farnham Gas flowed Big Valve Cylinder Head (Rebuilt less than 7 hrs ago)
  • APE Turbo Spec Valve Springs
  • Kent Cams
  • APE Vernier Cam Gear with Oversize Heavy Duty Roller Cam Chain and Gears
  • ARP Billet Cam Chain Tensioner
  • Cometic Head Gasket
  • ARP Heavy Duty Head Studs
  • APE Heavy Duty Crankcase Studs
  • Carrillo H Beam Con Rods with ARP Heavy Duty Big End Bolts
  • Wossner Turbo Low Comp Pistons
  • APE Uprated Oil Pump Gear & Pressure Relief Valve
  • 100thou Base Plate
  • Nova Heavy Duty Output Shaft
  • Heavy Duty Shift Shafts
  • Extreme Engines Modified and Undercut Gearset (Less than 7 hrs old)
  • Extreme Engines Modified Gear Selector Mechanism (Less than 7 hrs old)
  • APE One Piece Clutch Centre
  • APE Heavy Duty Clutch Springs
  • Nova Billet Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • TTS Dry Sump with Pace Pump in place of water pump.
  • Oil Cooler
  • Davies Craig EWP80 water Pump
  • Mitsubishi TD05 16G Turbo (New core less than 15 hrs old)
  • Custom Built Intercooler
  • Bored out Throttle Bodies
  • 690cc Fuel Injectors
  • Turbosmart BOV
  • Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • MBE 9A4 Standalone ECU (Mapped by the Steve’s at Track N Road)
  • 3 Bar Map Sensor
  • Innovate Wideband AFR Meter
  • Gizzmo Boost Controller and Boost Guage   

As said earlier, not really a lot I want to add to that mechanically, maybe a Titan rack if I could find one. Absolutely nothing to touch engine-spec wise.

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First day accomplished a fair bit, cage off (to be sent for blasting and repowdercoating), body off (for repair then repainting) and begin to move through the engine bay.





Extra points for plant pots as axle stands.



Engine bay theme will be black and gold. So radiator/intercooler/oil cooler etched and painted, gold heat shielding beginning to be applied.


Time to match up hoses, so will leave boost as blue (for now, black later), water will be black and then oil/fuel braided and Mocal. Cam cover to be returned to black.


Also aiming to clear out engine bay a little, so moving fuel filter to the back, fire extinguisher to the passenger side (under legs), combining two breather tanks into a single tank and move fuel pressure to cockpit. Along with hiding all wiring/cabling/etc.


One must have a tidy engine bay...and thanks to previous cars I must have a completely clear scuttle!


Day 1 over...

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Sorry, FB link doesn't work for me...

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FB link works for me.   Think you have to have an account with FB to see such links.

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I do, and was logged in, can see it now though, but only after sending Graham a friend request.

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[back on the catchup]


So followed 10 days in the UK in the freezing cold running around for 1500miles, mixing picking up parts with seeing family, made slightly easier/nicer/more fun by being loaned this whip...


What a machine, if I had the money, I'd have one tomorrow, simply joyous (and I hate Porsches normally), although not that much fun in the snow and ice of Scotland mind you.


Great parts collection van i must say :)


Great car youve got there by the way, will make for a very sweet and much sought after WF. Looking forward to see the end product.

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Onto day 2, certainly a busy day...


Time for panels to come off...





And then the cleaning begins... going full carbon interior, but will need the old panels as templates and noone likes working with oily greasy old panels so in with the elbow grease (and helpful jugs of Purple Blaster degreaser)





Then onto the bodywork itself, so that's all degreased, cleaned and marked for the fibreglass guy to repair.




Bodywork guy has a fair bit to do!


After that time to degrease the chassis so prep can commence on that...




Much nicer to work on now, next up, chassis prep...

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