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Suspension unit question from a newbie


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Hi all...


I am posting on behalf of a friend in France so please bear with me if I don't have all the information to hand about his car, I will try to explain what he is looking for.


The car is a 1986 Mk1 1300.


It has been fitted with (too) short suspension units, no good for any practical use and he has a standard sump... it bottoms out!


We have been in contact with Westfield an been advised that the correct shocks for this car should be 35.5cm on the rear and 31.5cm on the front. So far so good... his are a lot shorter, probably just scrap that the previous owner fitted to move it around. My friend is happy to buy new, the car isn't going on the track and will probably carry a little more than average weight as it will be used for weekends away with his girlfriend.. all those French roads....mmmmm ;)


Anyway, I have read many of the technical posts on the forum and very good they are too, just a little too in-depth for my needs just now.


So, the question is, can the forum recommend a Brand of shocks that will live up to the task without breaking the bank?


Whilst I'm here, does anyone have a modified (shallow) sump for sale (Ford 1300 / 1600)? Happy to pay a fair price.


Thanks for reading,


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Pistol Pete

Protect are generally accepted as the best of the normal shocks for a westfield. With two up i think (stand to be corrected) that they coukd get away with standard springs for road use and just increase the ride height. I think standard rear springs are 180lbs, so maybe you could go up to 200.

Others will be alobg shortly to help.

Spent 4 days on french roads this year and they are indeed fantastic and traffic free.

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

As an aside, when Protech were looking to get the "factory fit" Westfield business back I last year, they went in and worked with Westfield to re-calculate/re-assess all the valving etc to suit.


Obviously, other independent specialists are also able to supply various Protech dampers.

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There are quite a few makes that have been fitted by the factory or self builders -


Protech - £408 a set inc vat


Gaz - £364 inc vat


Spax £475 inc vat


Avo - £345 inc vat


These are based on a quick search on google retailers and some include special discounts - none include springs which are usually 1.9 inch and various rates / lengths at about £20 each


I have AVO's fitted to mine and happy to stay with that brand although Protechs do look well made and would be a serious contender.


One thing to consider is the build quality and corrosion resistance - fronts or fine to keep an eye on and spray with WD40 or CF50 but rears can get neglected and soon corrode to the point you can't adjust them !



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Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

I would recommend new Protech single adjustable shock with new correct length springs of say 200lbs rear and 375lbs/400lbs fronts

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Thank you all very much, I am pleasantly surprised by the quick response and sensible answers, I must admit I was feeling I may be posting in the wrong thread and was half expecting to be told off!


Thanks for the Google price search tisme, I didn't know what I was searching for!


A great forum, thanks and still in the market for a shallow sump :)

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Pistol Pete

Re the sump, I'm not sure if the 1.3 block is the same as the 1.6 (i suspect it may be) but caterham used to do a great shallow sump for the xflow. No oil surge on track with sticky tires.

It was basically a cut down standard sump with extra capacity add to tge front. The secret was that the from the front of the bowl to the front of the sump was angled quite steeply like a beach.

Always happy to try and help, good luck.

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