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Flickering charging light


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Hi there,


I've got an SEIW (from 'Wheels' - Chris Middlemass) last year that's running 2l Zetec and twin Webers. For the last ten miles the charging light has started to flicker on once the engine has warmed up. To begin with it revs past 4k and the light stays out. But as it warms up it starts to flicker on at lower and lower revs, anything above 2500rpm.


I tested the alternator output before heading out on a test drive and it was returning a consistent 14.2V, and the battery is similarly healthy when it's not under load.


So, what's my next step? Am I safe to head out on a 75-mile run?


Many thanks for any feedback.



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Hey Chris, 


Might be a poor earth mate or alternator on the way out?  far more qualified folks will be along soon to spend your money on inevitable lightweight alternator…. I'm away most of the week but will be about over weekend? 


Its the earls barton meet tomorrow night from sywell aerodrome at half 6 if you can make it ?


Jame s

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Is the belt tight?  Could be slackening off once warm.  Give it a tweak and see what happens.

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I think its down to a loose connection, either an earth, or in the alternator. 


I fitted a voltmeter, and the red light doesn't seem to come on any more, and I know I've got 14 volts.

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I have had exactly the same problem for a couple of weeks now, the alternator on my car is showing signs of coming to the end of its life.

There is a voltage regulator behind the plastic end cap on my alternator and that was found to be part of the problem, these can be changed, however I decided to fit a new alternator to end any other problems coming to life in the near future.

A new alternator for my xflow is not so expensive.

Otherwise you can have the alternator tested, to see if it's cost effective to refurbish.

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I can only repeat whats already been said if that helps at all...

  • Bad Earth somewhere
  • Bad Earth from Alternator to Chassis/Block
  • Loose belt
  • Alternator on the way out
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