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Time to treat myself!

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Ahoy all!


For those that have seen a few of my posts, i've had a bit of a trial by fire during my first few Westfield months.

  • Within week 2, the alternator failed; or atleast thats what I thought. After buying, attempting fitting, trimming, refitting and finding out it was actually just a broken mount I had another issue...
  • The oil filter was pierced by the newly trimmed alternator. So I removed it, removed the oil filter, changed the oil, refitted a new oil filter, retrimmed the alternator, refitted.
  • Then the radiator played silly b*******s.
  • Then the headlights.
  • Then the dipstick.
  • Then forgetting to put the oil cap back on, and having a blat end very promptly from the smell of what I can only describe as an old locomotion tailgating me

Then some lass decided to use me as a reversing sensor. Sadly the noise didnt stop her from continuing. So after having to fork it out myself (as she's decided to go all silent on my claim request (outside of insurance...grrr)) I now have 4 new tyres, 2 new top ball mounts at the front...took it for a spin and bang. Exhaust fell off.




So on Friday I have a chappy at my friendly MOT station to weld the mount back to the exhaust!


So given all that, this week i've decided its TLC time. Enough of the crap. Enough of the 'oh this is starting to hurt the wallet'. I've now thought 'Sod you wallet, time for you to lose some weight'. Cue the brand new 270mm Momo steering wheel, exhaust wrap that was starting to look tired(especially after the spillage!), Julian's custom carbon dash with red trim, and a bit of a wax treatment in store.


The questions however:


1. Steering wheel; I havent been able to find a walkthrough guide on how to 'best' drill the holes for a new wheel. Any suggestions? I'm a perfectionist, and i'd hate to have my wheel misaligned by even a micron.

2. Exhaust Wrap; any tips, beyond that of skills from wrapping mates in toilet paper at halloween as mummies (as a kid ofcourse...)?

3. Guages; given the speedo is calibrated..if I disconnect it to 'plug in' the new dash, will it lose its settings? Likewise with the other instruments.


Many thanks in advance all!



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Can't help much, other than offering some sympathy...  ownership can certainly be testing ;)  But to answer 3) the gauges (you mean the odometer, as all the others have nothing to memorise, right?) will have their own memory and are unaffected by removal/refitting.

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Welly Jen

My old Momo wheel had a centre dot mark on the reverse side to help setting out. I'd use a set of dividers to mark out a circle, then divide it in to equal segments. Alternatively, a machine shop could drill and tap your wheel and boss accurately for a few £.

The speedo won't lose calibration when unplugged. Its only power connection is ignition switched, so when you are not driving it has no power to it. Effectively unplugged.

Don't know about exhaust wrap.

Everyone seems to have issues with a newly bought Westfield. I did too. Don't know why it is that way. You'll soon have it how you want and running sweetly.


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pickmaster Andy Lowe

Put the wrap on wet it shrinks when it drys ;)

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1) I firmly recommend an electric drill, a compass, a drill and a deburrer. Knowing your luck, get the first aid kit and a surgeon near your working area.

2) As for the drilling, some skills are of profit. Make it wet prior to wrap, use water !

3) Maybe your gauges will lose the settings since you seem to attract all kinds of trouble... but normally not.

You chose the right forum to get help! :p




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Would you suggest removing the entire exhaust system for wrapping? Or can I do it in situ?


Many thanks for the replies all.

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If you can remove it, do it. But you will have to replace the gaskets as well.

Will you wrap the manifold only or also the part going to the can?

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At the moment, the whole exhaust is wrapped; I'm wanting to replace it all as the engine end is a bit soiled from the oil, and the tail end is starting to fray.

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Well the steering wheel is now on! b******d of a job today; for some godforsaken reason, my measurements were consistently 0.5cm too far in, so had to do a real botch job on the drilling of the holes. That said, it fits, it works, and it still looks good!


Exhaust also rewelded onto the bodywork, so i'm now officially running a working car!


Except that i'm chucking out a fair bit of white smoke (but not headgasket...no sweet smell or drop in coolant. Confused.com)

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sounds weird Kalli? its a petrol zetec?

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