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SEiGHT Build Diary

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21 minutes ago, ajpearson said:

How did you shape the mesh if you don't mind sharing 

I made the templates you see in the first photo from MDF, then.........

How to do it.

Using the actual hole in the bodywork, place some paper cardboard on the back of the hole then draw onto it around the hole.

Then cut out that outline accurately, then what I did was to then lay that onto some MDF and draw around it to transfer the outline onto the MDF.

You can then cut of the shape from the MDF leaving a hole exactly the same as the hole in the bodywork.

Then using the template again I measured and then drew a 5mm matching line inside, so essentially this template then becomes 5mm small all round. Then cut this and again transfer to the MDF and cut it out.

Sand the edges smooth, and you should then have a hole and an infill piece 5mm smaller all round.

Lay the mesh on the hole, align the mesh orientation depending on how you want the pattern, then heat the mesh with a heat gun, after a minute or so take the 2nd part and press it into the hole. You may need to stand on it or as I did use a rubber mallet. Make sure that as the edges bend up you knock them down flat again. Then trim to fit and bond on.

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Thanks for that, one of those things that's obvious when someone else describes it, but would take a month of Sunday's to work out for myself!

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If I'd have realised there'd be so much interest I'd have taken more photos.:)

Still got 2 more to do so maybe I'll do it then.

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I think that on this sort of car little details really matter - doing things well can make the whole thing look so much better, and the standard mesh bonnet grilles are one detail that seem pretty cheap and nasty compared to various other bits of the car. I'd been idly considering whether to try to do something with them, so your post came at exactly the right moment!

Suspect the next detail to target will be the horrible plastic wing mirrors. Carbon caps here we come!

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Another small update:

Some parts back from powder coating.

My DIY alternator mount,  DIY belt tensioner mount, DIY intake hose support bracket and my DIY oil catch tank brackets.


My lasercut alternator bracket in Stainless (had to hand file smooth as Stainless at 10mm leaves a slightly rough surface)


Oil catch tank brackets. Hand cut with a hacksaw, filed, drilled and powder coated. The cable tie base allows me to secure the can more to prevent any vibration.



Alternator, tensioner and belt finally fitted. Apologies to all the purists who'll be upset at the extra weight added by the mounts :blush:


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A small update.

Received my custom header tank yesterday along my 2 custom pipe connections.


The pipe connections needed some additional work as the welded in pipe and the welded in boss projected out into the inside of the pipe a bit too far for my liking.

So after a bit of grinding they're smoothed off nicely.20181025_090040.thumb.jpg.4ae2e53c304e133566875dcc1f71d8f8.jpg20181025_090050.thumb.jpg.d8dfb85286c18a92055d51dac779b710.jpg20181025_090159.thumb.jpg.3a0e6e8809e6b715f9f899db021cc2ea.jpg20181025_090149.thumb.jpg.075cea45cc82ac6927d87c4463cf7a89.jpg

Temporarily fitted in situe. Now need to get the tank and pipes powder coated.20181025_091935.thumb.jpg.32e9f7f662743ef506d2848ccf11622f.jpg

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Small update...

Bonnet clearance added for alternator


Original templates created for header tank. So much easier to ensure things are right beforehand. Meant to include these in earlier images.


And then a bit of porting to the Tee hose joiner just to reduce as much of a restriction as possible. The water flow then at least should flow better in to both sides.






Water pump in situ. Just awaiting the tank to then complete the plumbing and fill with coolant.


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