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SEiGHT Build Diary

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Hello :)


I am in the early stages of a Westfield SEiGHT build.


This is my 3rd kit car all have been 7 type cars. No.1 had a 1700 Full race X-Flow that made 155Bhp back in 1991, the second a Dax Rush had a tuned Sierra Cosworth Turbo engine circa 360Bhp running 28psi back in 2007.


So what made me want to build an SEiGHT, well.....


Having had a normally aspirated 4 pot, and a Turbo charged 4 pot the only thing left was either a V6 or a V8. I had always liked the unique sound of a V8 engine even from a young age. Living in an area where there are a large number of US servicemen/women I have seen and heard many big V8's over the years.


However I have always liked to do things slightly differently and prefer the challenge of the build rather than assembling all the parts direct from the manufacturer.


So after much deliberation (and after monitoring the forum for a while) I felt that a Westfield was the route I wanted to take. I was impressed very early on with this forum and how willing forum users are with sharing information and helping out others. Anybody who replies to another users post with help of any kind should be commended :yes:


So I started by selecting the engine I wanted to use and then the transmission. Then I ordered the SEiGHT starter kit. I bought the chassis in bare metal so I could make some modifications and that is basically where I am at.


The engine, a Chevrolet L33 5.3 all alloy V8 mated to a Tremec TKO600 using an LS6 clutch. The L33 is essentially the same as the Corvette LS6 5.7L which has the same stroke just with a slightly larger bore.

I have had the engine in an out several times now but as is the way with using anything from the US the inevitable wait for parts to be shipped over the pond holds things up. I am hopefully getting some more parts next week so then will be able to make some more progress.

I have the wiring loom (a Premier loom) which I had modified during the manufacture to add some additional relays for my ECU.


So thank you to all those who have replied to my numerous questions :yes: :yes: :yes:


I hope you will be as equally supportive once I actually start the build which hopefully won't be too far away :)


I may put up some photos if any body is interested.

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Just picked myself off the floor! Gobsmacked!


I like your style, but you must be a little bit nuts. Very happy to see you here.


Interested? - It sounds like one of the most interesting builds ever. :t-up:


We need a drool icon, and maybe a 'you're a little bit crazy, but in a great way' one too.

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Some pix :)


Trial fitting





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Gonna need sound too for this one :laugh:


All in good time :d

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You might consider following the www.USA7s.com forum. There are very few 7-style cars in the US and this forum includes all sevenesque brands. I'm on there with my MX5 powered SEiW build project and I feel like the small child among all the V8 sevens. Brunton is an American company that sells a 7 style car, and a lot of them get V8s. They're at www.stalkercars.com.

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