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Thinking of selling up the XTR2 :( what do we think she is worth


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Hi chaps,


I am thinking of "maybe" selling the XTR2 as I just do not have the time to use it as much as I would like and it is just too much money for me to have sitting there not doing anything.


For those of you that know the car please could you help me in what you think the car is worth?


For those that don't it is a 2002 XTR2 with 7000 miles on it, holeshot built and supplied engine and folders full of history, has always been looked after by NMS.


Any help would be appreciated



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Nick Algar



I suspect you will have a price in your mind which you would be prepared to sell at. These threads can get "messy" with counter opinions and some people suggesting very low figures, other very high. I really would suggest you put an advert in the for sale section asking for offers. If you get someone seriously interested then you can both have a discussion and hopefully a viewing reaching an agree figure.


If you do decide to sell, good luck.

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Thank you I completely understand where you are coming from, I will take your advise :)



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