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Westfield XI In Sussex/South East area


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Hi all,


I am approximately 1 phone call away from ordering an Eleven kit from Westfield, this will be my first build project as I am the only male member of my immediate family who hasn't bitten the bullet and feel its high time I pulled my finger out. I wanted to be different however and not go for a Seven so the Eleven seems like the way forward.

I was hoping that Westfield would have one that I could hopefully drive but apparently they don't even have one to view, so here is the big question: Does anyone have one in the South East that they would be happy for me to come and pay a visit? I have been in love with this car since I can remember but have still only ever had a fleeting glimpse of one and would like to see one in the flesh before I hand over my hard earned reddies!!!!!


If anyone is able to assist in my quest I would be really grateful and will come bearing gifts of beer or wine whichever is your tipple.


Thanks in advance


07793 130491

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Hi Simon (or is it Steve?)


I'm near Saffron Walden in Essex and you'd be most welcome to come and take a look at mine. It's pretty standard with the A series engine - albeit with Megjolt jr rather than dizzy - and original 4 speed box. If you're interested PM me and we can arrange a date.



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Hi Brian,


PM sent re your kind offer.




Hi Peter,


Hope your well? Your regards have been distributed to the necessary parties and have been sent back to you!!!!! I think the Eleven is on will keep you updated.




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