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Which MT75 Gearbox?


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Good, Afternoon,


After a run out to North Wales last weekend with the lads my Westfield gearbox decided to self combust - luckily only a few miles from home.


After a couple of hours this morning, with special thanks to 1313 & Steve Farrimond, we removed the engine and gearbox.





My question is, which gearbox do I have, and is there a 'best' MT75 to have i.e. which ratios?


The car is a 2.0 Zetec mated to a 3.62 Diff. 


Heres a few identifiers...








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cant it be repaired?

Not quite sure. It made a massive bang when it went and locked the rear wheels up temporarily

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If it does need a rebuild why not consider a Type 9. Far more ratios available and cheaper to repair (I think)

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Gear oil was changed 6 months ago and was all present when drained today. Box has always been iffy, even when it was fitted 16 years ago.

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From the above site posted (cheers bombero) its a Sierra DOHC box. I don't really want to change for a type 9, as I want the replacement to slot back in with no modification and want it back on the road ASAP.


I'm happy with ratios - can hit 60 in second on full chat (not quite Gadgetmans 60 in first though :-) )

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